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Suits filed

(Filings for July 1-5, 2002)

Richard Nestor and Katheryn Nestor vs. John Rizzuto and American Home Assurance Company (auto negligence).

Premier Insulation Inc. vs. Citrus Drywall and Insulation LLC (contract and indebtedness).

Bank of New York as Trustee vs. Kathleen R. Hellams, John Doe and Unknown Tenants Owners (real property).

US Bank National Association and First Bank National Association Trust vs. Winifred Gail Bryant, Unknown Spouse of Winifred Gail Bryant, John Doe and Jane Doe Unknown Tenant (real property).

Delta Milling Company LLC vs. Grubbs Construction Company and United States Fire Insurance Company (contract and indebtedness).

Thomas Palazzolo and Adrianne M. Palazzolo vs. Harley Utter and Jackie Utter (real property).

Samuel John Kirk and Anthony William Kirk vs. Samuel John Bojalad and Anthony William Bojalad (other domestic relations).

Julie Winona Kirl vs. Julie Winona Bojalad (other domestic relations).

David Samuel Kirk vs. David Samuel Bojalad (other domestic relations).

Jennifer L. Abtey vs. Boyd T. Abtey (child support).

Joni K. Parks vs. Christopher A. Parks (child support).

Robert E. Fowler vs. Holly A. Brand (other domestic relations).

April L. Holder vs. John E. Dean (child support).

Mortgage Electronic Registration System Inc. vs. Frederick J. Cole (real property).

Roberta Rosemary Hertig vs. Thomas Russell Pizzo (child support).

Stacie C. Zweifel vs. Kenneth R. Zweifel (child support).

Grubbs Construction Company vs. Smith & Company Inc., American Home Assurance Company and Florida Department of Transportation (contract and indebtedness).

US Bank National Association as Trustee and First Bank National Association Trust vs. William L. Harper, Sr., Pamela A. Harper, John Doe and Jane Doe (real property).

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc. and Crossland Mortgage Corp. vs. William C. Castillo, Teresa Castill, John Doe and Jane Doe (real property).

Sascia Cheri Cage vs. Sascia Cheri McMillan (other domestic relations).

Flagstar Bank FSB vs. Dennis R. O'Malley, Jane Doe and Unknown Tenants Owners (real property).

The Bank of New York as Trustee vs. Maureen E. Primosch, Maureen E. Jackson, Charles Lee Jackson and Unknown Tenants Owners (real property).

Coalition for Anti Urban Sprawl and the Environment, Arline Edrich, Joe Lemuiex and Gregory Frey vs. Hernando County (other).

Michael S. Steuer vs. Stacie Marie Hall (other domestic relations).

Fremont Investment and Loan Company vs. Michael Jan Polchowski, Unknown Heirs of Michael Polchowski, Sr., Unknown Parties in Possession, Unknown Spouse of Michael Polchowski, Brookridge Community Property, Hernando Beach Inc. and Brookridge Inc. (real property).

Suntrust Bank and Huntington National Bank vs. Industrial Nylon Components Corp., David T. Lozensky and Vikki S. Coleman (other).


Bankers Trust Company of California NA as Trustee vs. John G. Wright, Michelle K. Wright, Tenants 1-2 (real property).

Dades End Inc. vs. David R. Coker, Jean Marie Coker and Christopher K. Cross (real property).

Laura Kerry Olds, Kevin Olds, Loretta Olds and Elizabeth Kelly Olds vs. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company (auto negligence).

Bankers Trust Company as Custodian vs. Christopher M. Begeny, Patricia Lee Begeny, Patricia Eileen Wallwork, Unknown Spouse of Patricia Wallwork and Unknown Tenant (real property).

Josephine E. Spitrey Amer vs. Youssry I. Amer (dissolution of marriage).

Bank of America NA vs. Joann Marine, Matthew Marine, John Doe and Jane Doe (real property).

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc. and Norwest Mortgage Inc. vs. Laureen Busacca, Unknown Spouse of Laureen Busacca, Suntrust Bank, John Doe and Jane Doe (real property).

Coastal Engineering Associates Inc. vs. Hernando County and Professional Services Review Committee (other).

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc. and Norwest Mortgage Inc. vs. Jason M. Osborne, Unknown Spouse of Jason Osborne, Hernando County Board of County Commissioners and Tenants 1-4 (real property).

Equicredit Corporation of America vs. Donald L. Carrothers, Marilyn K. Carrothers, John Doe and Jane Doe (real property).


Claudette Higgins vs. Jerome Griffin (child support).

Licia Roundtree vs. James T. Smith, Jr. (child support).

American Express Centurion Bank and American Express Travel Related Services Company Inc. vs. Francoise Ribkee and Francoise Kasparian (contract and indebtedness).

Bank of New York as Trustee vs. Tammy Hlebinsky, Unknown Spouse of Tammy Hlebinsky, Unknown Parties in Possession and Spring Hill Civic Association (real property).

Midfirst Bank vs. Stephanie A. Frost, Stephanie A. Mullinax and Unknown Tenants/Owners (real property).

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation vs. Steven D. Ellis, Melissa H. Ellis, Unknown Persons in Possession I-II and Hernando County (real property).

Audrey E. Griffin vs. Byron E. Arrington (child support).

Bank of America NA and Nationsbank NA vs. John Arcarola, Unknown Spouse of John Arcarola and Household Finance Corporation III (real property).

Talisman Estates Inc. vs. Donnie K. Brown, Lillie M. Brown, John Doe and Mary Doe (real property).

Countrywide Home Loans Inc. vs. James Lee Fuller, Unknown Spouse of James Lee Fuller and Unknown Tenants I-II (real property).

Franchise Holding II LLC vs. Beattie Brothers LLC, Golden Management Inc., Huntington Restaurants Group Inc. and Mainstream Construction Group Inc. (real property).

Midfirst Bank vs. Mary F. Hindricks, Hernando County Florida and Unknown Tenants/Owners (real property).

Washington Mutual Bank FA vs. John A. Leverock, Suzzett Leverock and Unknown Party in Possession (real property).

Jeffrey Sano vs. Samuel Jensen and Sherry Jensen (real property).

Shalena Dickinson vs. Nicola Fiorenza (real property).

Emily Hall Brown vs. Aleceia Maletta Mitchell (child support).

Ameriquest Mortgage Company vs. Michael A. Torro, Martianita Torro, Ann M. Hall, Hernando County Clerk of Circuit Court and Unknown Tenants 1-2 (real property).

GE Capital Mortgage Services Inc. vs. Robert Williams, Unknown Spouse of Robert Williams, Linward Speight, Unknown Spouse of Linward Speight, Hernando Healthcare Inc., Lykes Memorial Hospital, John Doe and Jane Doe Unknown Tenants (real property).

Bank of New York as Trustee vs. Kimberly Sue Owens, Blazer Financial Services Inc., Avco Financial Services of Hollywood Fla. Inc., Equicredit Corporation of America, Unknown Spouse of Kimberly Sue Owens, John Doe and Jane Doe Unknown Tenants (real property).

Citifinancial Mortgage Company Inc. and Associates Financial Services as Trustee vs. Linda M. Fox, Unknown Spouse of Linda M. Fox and Unknown Tenants (real property).

Credibased Asset Servicing and Securitization LLC, Litton Loan Servicing LP, The Chase Manhattan Bank and US Bank National Association vs. Denise Clarkson, Unknown Spouse of Denise Clarkson, and Unknown Tenants I-II.

Indymack Bank FSB vs. Gerald E. Mercer, Gerald Mercer, Reta Mercer, John Doe and Jane Doe Unknown Tenants (real property).

Aames Capital Corporation vs. Cynthia M. Sanders, Unknown Spouse of Cynthia M. Sanders, John Doe and Jane Doe (real property).

Chase Mortgage Company West and Mellon Mortgage Company vs. Myrtle Boles, Myrtle S. Boles, John Doe Boles Unknown Spouse of Myrtle S. Boles, Seven Hils Homeowners Association Inc., The Gardens at Seven Hills Homeowners Association Inc. and Unknown Tenants (real property).

Dissolutions of marriage filed

Nancy Santiago vs. Saul Santiago.

Donna J. Scott vs. Robert L. Scott.

Stephen August Barthel, Jr. vs. Qiana Wallace.

Kathryn A. McMurtrie vs. Gilbert A. McMurtrie.

Theodora K. Black vs. Thomas C. Black.

Richard Lawrence Arnold vs. Sara Jane Colley Arnold.

Stacie Zweifel vs. Kenneth R. Zweifel.

Jessica B. Mincey vs. Joshua R. Mincey.

Diane Kapuscinski vs. Frank T. Kapuscinski.

Joseph G. Lang IV vs. Robin D. Lang.

Tracie R. Clovis vs. Allan W. Clovis.

Eric M. Mitrisin vs. Kristina L. Mitrisin.

Dany D. Crabtree vs. Tammy D. Crabtree.

Raymond Reininger vs. Eva Reininger.

David F. Mello vs. Joan D. Mello.

Marriage license applications

David John Finn and Geri Lynn Duffey, both of Florence, Ky.

Clarence Jerome Miller and Lorraine Anne Collins, both of Spring Hill.

Justin Drandt Donaldson and Malissa Bardowski, both of Spring Hill.

Richard Lee Nichols and Mary Kathryn Macleod, both of Oxford.

Roy Lewin Yeager and Ramona Renee Rines, both of Brooksville.

Iargene Burney and Mary Lois Gibson, both of Brooksville.

Claudio Alleyne and Marina Pelayo, both of Brooksville.

Arnold Gunnar Gundersen and Marion Sue Good, both of Aripeka.

Efrain Lopez and Jessica Michelle Perez, both of Brooksville.

Robert Everette Walton and Claire Patreicia Marren, both of Brooksville.

Leslie Ray Collins and Jennifer Marie Smtih, both of Brooksville.

Lovell Blake Richards and Monique Hains, both of Brooksville.

Joseph Frederick Auche of Spring Hill and Jean Theresa Russo of Brooksville.

Bruce Terrial Voyles and Barbara Jean Harrison, both of Spring Hill.

Harold Edward Wolf, Jr. and Bianca Boice, both of Brooksville.

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