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Question: I love The District. I'm curious about the closing credit, "For Jack Maple, who lived it." I know he is one of the creators and executive producer, but what is the rest of the story? Is he the one on whom the Mannion character is based?

Answer: The District is inspired by the real-life experiences of former New York City Deputy Police Commissioner Jack Maple, who died last August of colon cancer. He was 49. The flamboyant Maple began his real-life crime-fighting career as a transit cop. While in the commissioner's office, he implemented a successful crime deterrent strategy for the NYPD. In 1999, he penned The Crime Fighter: Putting the Bad Guy Out of Business, then started writing what would become the TV series The District. The CBS drama, starring Craig T. Nelson as Washington, D.C., police chief Jack Mannion, returns for a third season this fall.

Question: Sarah Shahi who played Jenny on Alias seems to have been written out of the series. I really liked her and was wondering if she will be acting on another series or in a movie any time soon?

Answer: The former Dallas Cowboy cheerleader (1999-2000) is moving forward with her acting career. Besides Alias, Shahi has been on screen in Boston Public, Spin City, Maybe It's Me and Off Centre. Her comedy pilot, Class of '06, didn't make the cut for NBC's fall schedule, but she'll be in the big-screen comedy Old School with Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn. The movie is scheduled for an early 2003 release.

Question: Is there an X-Files movie script on the way? If so, will David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson be the stars? Also, will Robert Patrick and Annabeth Gish be in it?

Answer: Although the series ended in May, X-Files creator Chris Carter says there definitely will be an X-Files 2 movie. There have been no casting announcements yet.

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