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Volunteers can enjoy numerous flotilla functions

Published Sep. 3, 2005

Are you looking for something interesting and exciting to do while at the same time providing a valuable service to your fellow boaters and the general public? No matter what your area of interest, you will find it with Homosassa Flotilla 15-04 of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. You don't need to own a boat to be a member of this proud group of dedicated volunteers.

Those who love boats and being on the water should consider becoming members of one of our boat crews, so they can participate in surface patrols, exciting search and rescue operations as well as interesting training missions with the USCG. If your interest is in the environment, become involved as we patrol for oil spills and other hazardous materials and dangers to our waterways. Perhaps you would rather qualify as one of our Courtesy Vessel Examiners, providing a valuable service to both recreational boaters and commercial vessels alike.

You say that you enjoy the water, but you love flying more? Then why not be a part of our air operations as a trained air observer, flying air patrols, environmental patrols and search and rescue missions? If you are a licensed aircraft pilot or aircraft owner we can definitely use you and perhaps your aircraft, too. Do you enjoy teaching others? Then why not become one of our certified instructors, teaching a variety of subjects to the boating public as well as training your fellow U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary members?

Maybe you are someone who has always wanted to be a reporter or writer. If so, then our public affairs officer would like to have you come on board to cover patrols and rescue missions, write stories and meet with members of the local media. You would be presented with USCG media credentials. Perhaps you are an amateur radio operator or someone who has an interest in radio communications. If so, you will love becoming one of our communications specialists, standing radio watches, (you really don't have to stand), listening to and participating in exciting search and rescue operations and patrols. If that isn't exciting enough perhaps the USCG will invite you to stand radio watches at its Station Yankeetown as well. If you happen to be one of those communications equipment technician types, then you will find enjoyment keeping our equipment in tip-top shape, and all without pay. Can't hardly beat that now, can you?

These are just some of the interesting and exciting areas of Flotilla 15-04 of which you can become a part, and there are many more. Fellowship plays a large role in our flotilla and Team Coast Guard. Here you will meet new friends and find a common bond with others who enjoy the outdoors and our waterways. Men and women, young and senior citizen alike, Flotilla 15-04 invites you to join us, wear our uniform proudly and become a part of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary family and Team Coast Guard. For membership information, call Joe Michon, 860-1992.

_ Editor's note: This is one of a series of guest columns that are run periodically. Today's column is written by Wilbur B. Scott, assistant public affairs officer for Flotilla 15-04 of Homosassa. Contact him at 628-0639 or e-mail: