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Where are the critics of a budget hike?

Re: Sheriff's buying rules faulty, July 23 editorial.

Editor: With the sheriff asking for an 8 percent increase in his budget and questions being raised about his fiscal stewardship, where are all the critics of the former sheriff who were so critical of his request for a budget increase?

The no-new-taxes movement headed by the Buntings of Hudson appears to have lost steam now that we have a new sheriff.

Perhaps their no-new-tax position is meant to apply only to those who do not share their conservative political views?

Arthur C. Hayhoe, Zephyrhills

County Sheriff's Office

offered great help in search

Editor: Late in the day on Wednesday, July 10, Polk County Sheriff's Office investigators in Hurricane, Utah, received a confession from Richard Chouquer that he had dumped the body of 2-year-old Alfredo Montes along the interstate as he was driving to Georgia on July 1.

Based upon the information Chouquer provided, investigators believed that the most likely area to find Alfredo was along the east side of the northbound lanes of Interstate 75 in Pasco County or possibly in northern Hillsborough County.

When our investigators informed the Pasco County Sheriff's Office of this intelligence information, staffers enthusiastically offered their help and support to our death investigation.

Throughout the night, Pasco deputies assisted our agency in an attempt to find Alfredo's body. By early Thursday morning, the Pasco County Sheriff's Office was actively engaged in a full-scale search for Alfredo Montes' body. They went above and beyond the call of duty, calling out an impressive array of resources to search every inch of Interstate 75.

Under the leadership of Sheriff Bob White, the Pasco County Sheriff's Office marshaled the most impressive, organized and comprehensive search I have witnessed.

They also coordinated the efforts of private citizens, Florida Highway Patrol officers and New Port Richey police officers. Also involved in the search were law enforcement personnel from the Hillsborough and Polk County Sheriff's offices and the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Late on Thursday, a citizen found Alfredo's body in Hillsborough County off Interstate 275. Though Alfredo's body was obviously not discovered in Pasco County, I was reminded of the professionalism, dedication and extraordinary capability of the Pasco County Sheriff's Office.

I express my sincere thanks to Sheriff Bob White, Major Maurice Radford and all the men and women of the Pasco County Sheriff's Office who were involved in the search for Alfredo Montes.

Lawrence W. Crow Jr.

Sheriff, Polk County

Don't let negative reviews

keep you from the theater

Editor: In my humble opinion there are two ways to counteract a negative review.

If one already attends that theater and enjoys it, continue to do so and tell others.

If one has not been to that theater, at the very least attend if only out of sheer curiosity, and see what, if any, the fuss is all about.

Kaye Russo, New Port Richey

"Taffetas' a marvelous show

despite one critic's opinion

Editor: I am very surprised Barbara Fredricksen only received 21 letters; this will be 22.

Perhaps she is not old enough to remember when we heard those songs. We did not have television, only records and radio.

The next time she gives a review, remember _ different strokes for different folks.

I thought it was great.

Valorie Kaffka, New Port Richey

Story about rodeo camps

showcased animal cruelty

Editor: No doubt this will be one of many letters sent to express disgust with the article and the photos by Kevin White.

This is the first time I have really wanted to cancel my subscription or to use your paper for a purpose other than recycling.

Roping and mishandling of animals is a crime in itself and does not have to be illustrated in your paper.

Children should be taught kindness and compassion for all living things.

The pictures were nauseating and I blame the publisher of the paper as well.

Margaret Holway, Port Richey

Government should pave

our hole-plagued streets

Editor: I live in Veterans Village and pay taxes, but local government will not pave our streets. Why?

We are retired and on a limited income.

Some streets are like country roads with big holes. They fill them in, but they wash back out when it rains.

This is very bad and we keep our home looking nice.

Can something be done?

Elizabeth Elliott, New Port Richey