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Presenters sought for Veterans-in-the-Classroom

As part of its 10th annual activities, the Veterans Appreciation Week Ad Hoc Coordinating Committee has scheduled its Veterans-in-the-Classroom program for Oct. 28 through Nov. 8.

The program brings living history to the county's students as veterans share military experiences.

Last year, veterans made more than 150 classroom visits in the county's public and private schools and homeschool groups. The program's success has generated the need for more veterans to participate as guest presenters.

Veterans of the Korean War, the Persian Gulf War, the Air Force and women veterans are especially needed to participate.

All interested veterans are encouraged to contact chairman Chris Gregoriou, 795-7000.

Group seeking veterans' stories to put on video

Yankee Air Force Inc. is looking for veterans with stories to tell of their service to our country. The group wants to keep these stories alive for future generations.

Some of the stories obtained on video have never been told to the veteran's own family. Join YAF in helping preserve your personal history.

For information, call Carolyn Mills, 352-489-3120.