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Public hearing didn't permit public response

Editor: I have just returned from the public hearing held at the city hall of New Port Richey in regards to the construction project for the extension of the sewers to the Grandview Park subdivision.

We were told property owners would be given the opportunity to address the city council! What the letter from the city didn't say was that you only had one chance to do this. The word rebuttal is lost.

We talk. We ask questions. We state our opinions. City Council does not respond at this time. Not ever, no matter what the question. When we are done, they respond to each other.

Even if we know that a response is incorrect, we can't respond again. We now have to just sit there! Listen to them talk to themselves. Is this true democracy? I came. I listened. I spoke but couldn't again, so I left!

Wouldn't it be nice if we all could work together? But I guess that's why there is the cliche: You can't fight city hall.

I argued, talked and pleaded with so many of my neighbors to attend this meeting. Win or lose, I thought we could make an impact.

Bringing in the sewer system is only part of the problem in our area. The lack of proper drainage of rainwater is just as important.

And since they want us to pay nearly $1-million to bring in the sewers, I say take care of the drainage problem at the same time. Do your homework and do this project right.

So now what's going to happen until they hold their next meeting, assessing us again to pay for the drainage problem after the sewers are in?

To the mayor and City Council representatives, your done-deal attitude and the way we were treated has only united us.

Hopefully, I won't have to use another cliche: See you in court.

Scottie Morfit, New Port Richey

Enforce laws, make streets safer

Re: Fatalities on county roads.

Editor: As someone who drives the Pasco County roads every day, all day, for a living, I'm amazed there aren't more deaths. And I don't care if you put 100 more troopers on the road.

If you're not ticketing drivers for running red lights, speeding and driving recklessly every minute, you are not going to put a stop to it.

These periodic wolf packs aren't the solution. I drive for hours and sometimes never see a trooper.

When I do, I rarely see them ticketing anyone. You could put a trooper at every intersection of U.S. 19 and never run out of violators.

The police need to get very serious about a very serious problem. People's lives depend on them.

Cal Johnson, New Port Richey