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Racin' Deals

BERMUDA TRIANGLE: Pocono International Raceway seems to spawn some bizarre scenes. Caution flags have been thrown for animals on the track and once a dense fog hung over the track, canceling qualifying. One year, Kyle Petty was battling the late Davey Allison for the lead when he saw a fan standing on the track. "That's the most bizarre thing I think anybody could have happen to them in a race car," Petty said. "I can't imagine anything more bizarre than to come out of a corner and have a fan standing in front of you on the straightaway. That's probably the strangest thing to me personally that I've ever been involved in in any race."

COWBOYS VS. REDSKINS?: Andy Petree might soon announce a partnership with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, creating the interesting possibility of Jones' cars trading paint with those of former Redskins coach Joe Gibbs.

FORMULA FOR A FORTUNE: What do you get when you put the best driver in the best car? Championships. Michael Schumacher locked up his record fifth Formula One championship last week. And his payoff is quite handsome. Schumacher, 33, makes $32-million in salary to drive his Ferrari. That doesn't include the millions he gets for endorsements. His current deal runs through 2004. "We're content at the moment," Ferrari spokesman Luca Colajanni said. "When the time comes to talk about the contract, then we'll talk, but it's a little early now."

_ Compiled by Mike Stephenson.