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With Jason's help, Sonny remains free

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Roy was moved by Felicia's admission that she had feelings for him. Jason managed to keep Sonny out of jail after Sonny violated Carly's restraining order. Zander took some of Roy's money. Laura cautioned Luke to keep his grudge against Scott in check or it would jeopardize the attic investigation. Rick "helped" Scott win a promotion to district attorney. Later, Rick urged Laura to stop focusing on the events that occurred in the attic. Next week: Elizabeth and Jason part.

ALL MY CHILDREN: Leo supported Greenlee's decision to hold a funeral for Roger, where he noted the change in Greenlee's relationship with her mother, Mary. Liza damaged Jake's attempt to defend her sanity to Adam. Jackson asked Anna why she let Wolfe escape. Opal vowed to cause trouble for Kendall after she overheard Kendall giving Palmer a gift. Frank, JR and Tad reconnected. Brooke had news about Maria for Hayley. Next week: Kendall cries for help.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Barbara prepared herself for her day in court. Carly confronted Rosanna with upsetting news about Molly. Abigail and Chris had a bittersweet reunion. Henry discovered Simon. Margo received unwelcome information. Next week: Bonnie makes a decision. Molly is agitated by Mike's revelation.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: After Erica said she would respect Rick and Amber's marriage as long as they're happy, Sheila contacted Lance and paid him to drug Amber and have her spend the night in his bed. The next day, Amber returned home and told Rick that she had no idea how this all happened. Bridget was pleased that Brooke agreed to let Stephanie provide her with emotional support. Next week: Ridge faces a crucial decision.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Jennifer tried to get closer to Colin as part of her investigation. Sami told Brandon she'd been seeing Tony to try to forget him. As John and Bo went to check on a crate carrying the DiMera symbol, Marlena saw Tony go into a strange emotional state and heard him call her name with urgency. Belle and Shawn tried to protect their alien friends. Stefano's bequests were related to each person's destiny. Next week: John and Tony probe the mysterious blue cobalt key. Brady continues to search for Chloe's father.

GUIDING LIGHT: Edmund risked the fury of the Santos clan with his actions. Gus realized that his past jeopardized his future with Harley. Michelle revealed her secret to Ed. Heartbroken Cassie steeled herself to say goodbye to Richard. Next week: Reva gets an upsetting message.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Cristian told Natalie he'll find who really pushed Ben out the window. Meanwhile, Viki (Niki) planned how to kill Ben before his memory returned in full. Todd noted that Tia chose to stay on the island rather than join Ross on the boat. Cristian found a red wig. Blair's plot to break up Nora and Troy was bolstered by Nora's discovery of the motel key Blair planted on Troy. Rae's former students began filing lawsuits against her. Next week: Tia makes an admission. Troy faces danger.

PASSIONS: Julian, Timmy and Toto arrived home in Harmony. After a reunion with Tabitha, Timmy rejected her warnings and set out to find and save Charity. Later, defrosted Charity faced off with Zombie Charity in an epic good vs. evil battle. Rebecca told Ivy she was being haunted by Theresa's ghost. Diana (Sheridan) happily agreed to return to Harmony with Brian (Antonio) to meet his family. Someone who learned about Julian's return plotted to kill him (again). Next week: Charity and Timmy hover between life and death. Julian holds his son.

PORT CHARLES: Rafe felt conflicted between his feelings for Alison and his obligations to Livvie. Livvie told Kevin and Lucy that she was pregnant. Later, Livvie fainted out of fear for her unborn child after hearing Rafe discuss the Avatar's qualities. Alison and Jack grew closer. Kate and Ian's first date soured after he began pointing out her lies. Next week: Jack courts Alison.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Warton and Jill shared a kiss. Sharon told a skeptical Victor that her unease with Victoria and Diego's relationship came out of her concern that he might reveal secrets she confided in him during her troubles with Nick. Brad reassured Ashley that their marriage was strong, despite the tensions caused by her cancer. Phyllis began building a friendship with Jack's young son, Kyle, as a way of impressing Jack and lessening Diane's influence on him. Victor confronted Max, who insisted that Nikki had come on to him and that he intended to pursue a relationship with her. Nikki told Jack she was ready to respond to Victor's proposal. Next week: Paul gets unsettling news about Isabella.

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