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Loose change

HERE'S A GOOD INCENTIVE to pack your lunch: thrift experts estimate that brown-bagging saves about $2,500 a year and $103,500 over 20 years, assuming the savings are invested.

MORE FOLKS ARE SWEATING to beat stress. The International Health Racquet & Sportsclub Association says U.S. club revenues are up nearly $1-billion, to $12.2-billion a year.

AS A DEL MONTE FOODS CO. product developer, Jackie Curtis often samples dozens of versions of one food daily. She cleanses her palate between tastings with crackers and water. Her pay: about $65,000 a year.

AMERICAN PET PRODUCTS Manufacturers Association found companies that allow pets in the workplace have lower absenteeism rates and employees who are more willing to work overtime.

ATLANTIC CITY'S MILLION DOLLAR PIER shopping mall will be transformed into an entertainment and retail complex with a "Monopoly" theme, based on the classic board game that features Atlantic City streets and landmarks.

_ Compiled from Times wires.