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Waiting list for aid is too long

Re: Medicaid waiver for disabled adults

Editor: My daughter has cerebral palsy, and she is on that waiting list. Of all the individuals the government offers aid to, this handicapped population of adults _ who can't help themselves, can't be left alone, can't work, need two or three people to handle them for personal care _ should be first on our nation's list.

I am sure if the government cracked down on fraud and bureaucracy waste in many of its programs, it could wipe everyone off the waiting list in every state. I lived in another state before moving to Florida. I was on the waiting list in that state for seven years. I came here for lack of decent adult day programs without cost. Most good day programs cost about $40 a day. Personal care attendants can cost from $15 to $25 an hour, if you can find trained ones.

Parents who have been taking care of these handicapped children into adulthood need help and a break. I can't believe that our government places these developmentally disabled adults on such a low priority list. We have been fighting for their rights, for good programs, for cost efficient equipment, for any help we can get, and it is time our legislators pay more attention to this population.

I know I will be finding out what stand all the new candidates will take on this issue before I enter the voting booth and advocate actively on my daughter's behalf.

Donna Tesson


County needs crackdown on noise

Re: Pinellas County new rules to muffle noise, July 23.

Editor: Please, Pasco County commissioners, follow Pinellas on the new noise rule. It will give us all a break.

I can't tell you how many times the windows in my house have rattled or how many times we have been awakened from a sound sleep at 1, 2, or 3 a.m. when a vehicles go by playing loud and obnoxious radios. When I'm stopped at a traffic light, I can't hear my own radio because of the uncaring and rude people in the car behind or around me.

Please _ it may save my sanity and possibly their hearing in the future. I have even seen small children trapped in their car seats being forced to endure this form of child abuse.

A ticket for about $100 will give them a reason to think about how and when to play their radios and how it affects other people and that we have a right to peace and quiet.

John N. Pagucci

New Port Richey

Columnist's reviews hurt theater

Re: Angel fans raise heck after review of The Taffetas, July 20 Barbara Fredricksen column

Editor: The column attempting to refute the claims, questions, and opinions of letter-writing patrons of the Angel Cabaret Theatre in New Port Richey only served to further provoke the situation.

Because Barbara says it's so doesn't mean it's true. The glowing reviews she references are typically coupled with cheap shots that are meant to hurt not only the performers but the theater as a whole. Her mention of the Chinese restaurant going out of business after her review is well taken.

I don't want to see this wonderful little theater forced to close its doors. Perhaps this is why I feel obligated to respond to the spiteful writings of Barbara. It is not deserved. The newspaper can be used as a powerful weapon and it's being used against this little theater. She couldn't find one redeeming quality in this show? Obviously, I am not alone in my viewpoint.

I would like to make a suggestion to Mr. Ferraro. If this were my theater, I'd be obtaining legal counsel regarding the effect her consistently lousy reviews have had on my business. She doesn't review other shows with the same slant _ at least, not since the Richey Suncoast Theatre episode. Barbara also made reference to what the Angel backers could do with the celebrated Richey Theatre caricature. I believe its most appropriate use would be at the entrance of the Angel Cabaret Theatre. Oh, I don't need a thesaurus.

Noreen Loupis

New Port Richey

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