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Festivities mark pool's closing

Published Aug. 5, 2002
Updated Sep. 3, 2005

Residents are invited today to mark the final days of the historic Holt Avenue Pool with a celebration from 1 to 6 p.m. The party comes just before kids head back to school Wednesday. The pool at 1259 Holt Ave. was the first and only pool in 1950s Clearwater that could legally be used by black people. It was a mecca for black residents from Largo to Tarpon Springs. It had its own award-winning swim team that traveled to Miami and Sarasota to compete against other black teams. The pool will be closed, filled in and turned into green space at summer's end. Starting next year, residents will be able to use a new sports and aquatics complex under construction just a few blocks from Holt Avenue. Today pool entry fees will be rolled back a decade or two. For 50 cents, you get in, swim, celebrate and eat. For information, call 462-6119.