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It's not all about biceps (or triceps)

Bucs running back Michael Pittman is well known for his bulging arms. He talks about them, a special tattoo, the old woman who lived in a shoe, Bill Gates, Michael Jackson and The Bachelor on BET.

RM: I'm calling you out, your biceps aren't 19.5 inches.

MP: They aren't now. But at the time that came out they were. It was my second year in the league and I was really big, about 228 pounds and one of my offensive linemen came over in front of everyone during the physical and asked me to flex. It was 19.5 at the time, and he went out and told the media.

RM: Wuss, you're probably a mere 16 inches now.

MP: Going into camp this year, I was probably holding about 18.5. Not bad. Right now, I'm about 17.

RM: You know, people say your biceps are big, but in reality it is the triceps muscle that makes up the bulk of the arm.

MP: A lot of people don't know that. They just look at big arms and think it's all biceps. The triceps are extremely important. You have to work on both. But you're right, nobody ever says, you have huge triceps.

RM: I'm guessing women want to come up and touch your arms?

MP: All the time. They would ask, "Can I just get a little touch?" or "Could you flex them for me?" It happens all the time.

RM: Of course, you get tired of that, I'm sure.

MP: My wife's going to read this, so yes, I get tired of it.

RM: On your right arm, you have "The Real Black Superman"?

MP: That was my first tattoo. It's about putting my mind to something and accomplishing what I want to accomplish. If I put my mind to it, maybe I can fly. Maybe I can do the things that Superman can do.

RM: So who is a fake black superman?

MP: You see a lot of guys with Superman tattoos, like Shaq. Well, he's just Superman. I'm the Real Black Superman.

RM: Superman had kryptonite as his weakness, what's yours?

MP: My (2-year-old) son, Mycah.

RM: Whatever happened to the Old Woman Who Lived in the Shoe?

MP: That shoe probably got a little old.

RM: Back in the day it would have been canvas Chuck Taylors but if she was living in a shoe today would she be in Air Jordans?

MP: No. She would be in a Timberland. See, at least in the Timberlands she could live in them forever. She'd be living nice in Timberlands. Warm, sturdy, strong. That's Bellair, right there.

RM: Then there's the whole Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard and the cupboard was bare. What's the fascination with the poor, old women?

MP: It's not fair is it? Why couldn't it the Old Woman Living in a Mansion, rolling down in an S500 Benz? Or the Old Man in the Shoe in his private jet. I can't figure that out. I guess we'll have to ask the person who wrote that nursery rhyme.

RM: God comes down and says, "Pitt, you have to leave the country forever." Where are you going to live?

MP: Well, I've never been out of the country so the first thing I'm going to have to do is get a passport. Then, maybe I'd think about going to Africa or Germany or somewhere else in Europe. You always hear about how great those places are. I would go check out a couple spots before making a decision on where to live permanently.

RM: You have to switch lives with someone, who would it be?

MP: If it's money wise, then it's Bill Gates. This man doesn't have to worry about anything. He can buy anything. His grand kids don't have to work. His grand kids' grand kids don't have to work. On a personal level, in terms of a role model, I would want to be my father.

RM: Yeah, but your old man ain't worth $43-billion.

MP: You're right about that. I guess it's got to be Bill Gates.

RM: In whose house or office, would you like to put a hidden camera and microphone?

MP: I'm going to say Michael Jackson. I want to see how Michael really acts behind closed doors. He's always this soft-spoken person in public, but I wonder if he's really ghetto behind closed doors. I wonder if he tells his people, "Yo, what's up dog!" or "This is how we do things up in here!"

RM: No chance.

MP: I'm telling you Michael got some ghetto in him. He's down with it.

RM: You have quite a replica jersey collection of great players, are there any jerseys you don't have that you want.

MP: I want to get a John Elway, the orange one. I want a Ronnie Lott jersey and a Roger Craig jersey. Those are the top three that I don't have.

RM: In 30 years, when Mycah is collecting his own jerseys, whose should he have?

MP: Obviously, I hope he has one of his daddy. Marshall Faulk would be one, because he gets better every year. Emmitt Smith, too.

RM: The best ole school jam?

MP: Make it Last Forever, by Keith Sweat.

RM: Do they still play slow jams in the clubs?

MP: Maybe at the end of the night, last two songs or so to set things up for after people leave the club.

RM: Slow jams just aren't what they used to be.

MP: Man, back in the day there were Earth Wind and Fire, Commodores, Marvin Gaye. What it is is that this era loves the hip hop. They aren't trying to listen to Lionel Richie or guys like that. All they want is Tupac.

RM: What's the point of multiple bridesmaids at a wedding?

MP: Blame the bride. The bride is trying to get everyone involved, doesn't want anyone to feel left out. They'd have 20 bridesmaids if they could. As a guy, all we need is the best man, to tell you the truth. We have to balance it out. Left to us, we'll just get married. That'll be that. We'll go fly to Vegas.

RM: Movie title that best describes who you are?

MP: Superman.

RM: Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell are now all in one fast food restaurant. Here's my question: Who there has the expertise to cook all three foods?

MP: The chances are you're not getting real Mexican food, real pizza or real fried chicken. You're not getting the real deal.

RM: How would the show The Bachelor be different if it were on BET?

MP: First off all, there would be a lot of barbecues, there would be more black women. It would be somewhere like Philly or Detroit.

RM: You know the sisters would approach the gig a little differently.

MP: No doubt. They would tell him straight up. There would be no games played. They would be (with finger waving), "You ain't all that anyway! I don't give a dang about you!" They would get ghetto on him for sure.