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Let's focus on beach, not tennis stadium

Re: A beach resort floating off Pasco's coastline? Nov. 13

Editor: I think the beach resort thing is a much better way to go than the tennis stadium. People come to Florida for fun, sun and beaches. They can watch and play tennis anywhere.

If you conducted a poll, I'm sure you would find that the vast majority would say they come to Florida for beaches. Tennis wouldn't even be mentioned. The problem with Pasco is that there is no beach. My suggestion would be to build a causeway to Anclote Island and develop the beach. The beach on the west side would rival any other beach in the state.

I'm not sure if this is feasible, but as a local business owner, I think it would be a major boost to the area _ more so than anything else we could do.

Erik Suojanen, Odessa

Why not make park

more accessible?

Editor: Dreams, dreams, dreams! A floating beach resort? A tennis stadium for a developer? A multipurpose recreation facility for everyone? How about an access road and beach facilities at our Werner-Boyce state park?

It would be nice to have an update on what is being developed at this gem of a state park site in Pasco County. Have the planners even considered building an access road, which would allow tourists as well as residents to fully enjoy the use of this park? Some of our tourist tax money could enable such a project. I hope that all suggestions will be reviewed and the money invested according to the greatest benefit for all.

Patrick Raimond, Port Richey

Landlords deserve

some help from city

Re: Cleanup of rental property targeted, Nov. 14

Editor: I am a landlord, new to the business, and have four properties at present. I work hard at making things ready for the tenant and strive to maintain the property throughout the term.

However, as I and others like me see it, the city penalizes us for supplying rental houses in the form of high taxes. And insurance is outrageous. If they want to help us maintain the properties, help us with a little off the top.

What if they did something like this: The city will give back half the property tax for a cleanup, fix-up. Not just for the junk houses that need it, but for all of us. Mine are already fixed up, at my expense.

Say I get bad tenants, and they destroy the place and don't pay the rent. I need them out. Does anybody help? No, they get in the way with piles of red tape that takes a long time to get through. My mortgage goes on with no income.

Jim Beck, Holiday

Debris in intersections

should be cleared up

Editor: At intersections, I have noticed trash and debris from accidents lying around. Some of this debris is large enough to cause damage to other cars driving over it.

Aren't the people involved in the accidents or the drivers or the tow trucks responsible for cleaning this stuff up? It can't be that hard to carry a broom and shovel and take all the wreckage away.

Roy Griffith, New Port Richey

Can't something be done

to clean up U.S. 19?

Editor: I know all of the problems of the world are very important. But I have something to get off my chest. I use U.S. 19 every day _ more than I want to. I pay taxes _ and a lot of them _ and they are on the rise again. The way this road is unkempt is ridiculous. The median with grass and trash is offensive. It makes New Port Richey to Tarpon look like a Third World country. I just wanted to know if anyone else notices.

J. Braccio, New Port Richey

Why file a complaint

against inspector?

Editor: I am in a quandary, truly befuddled. The following seems to me a clear case of killing the messenger.

On Nov. 12, I read that Bill Sanders, the building inspector for the city of Port Richey, is the subject of a complaint with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Mr. Sanders okayed a plastic business to open near the Felske residence. That is on Leo Kidd Avenue. From what I see of Leo Kidd Avenue, it is a designated industrial area. Thereby, Mr. Sanders worked within the city code limits. Mr. Sanders did not exceed the code limits. Why file a complaint against Mr. Sanders?

Mr. Sanders did not make Leo Kidd an industrial area. He is not responsible for that. If the Felskes have a problem with that, I do believe they should go after the city, not Mr. Sanders.

Michael Starr, Port Richey