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A shorn thing

Hey, rebel, what's cooler than that pony tail? How about a buzz cut and knowing your dearly departed locks could grace the head of a kid affected by a condition known as alopecia areata? As you might imagine, it affects body hair and especially on the head. It has no known cause, no known cure. Your donated hair will be used to make a hairpiece that will change somebody's life. This site tells you how you can lop off your locks or make a visit to a salon that will do it for you. How thoroughly groovy.

All about cartoons

The Internet Movie Database is a staple of many discussions about films. It doesn't really touch on cartoons, with the odd exception for flicks such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and other big budget epics. Like nature, the Internet abhors a vacuum, so a few technology-enabled cartoon enthusiasts threw together a database that contains references to more than 42,000 cartoons. There are lots of modern goodies and all kinds of juicy goodness from the early days to be had. Like all good sites, you'll care more about the information than the glitz and glamor (or lack thereof).

You've been warned?

You've probably wondered how some people manage to stay alive given the state of warning labels on ordinary household products. Warnings direct you not to drink bleach, not to take aspirin if you are allergic to it or not to let the kids operate heavy machinery after digesting cough medicine. The other question, of course, is why didn't my parents let me operate heavy machinery, cough syrup or not? Judging by the Web address, you'd rightfully expect this site to be crammed with dumb product warnings. You won't be disappointed.

Cold storage, 1283,55972,00.html

Imagine having more than 20-million unsolicited e-mails in your inbox and feeling very good about it. I'm not talking about your average Hotmail user, but the folks over at the Federal Trade Commission. As you may know, they have a e-mail address, and they want your spam. All of it. They then store it and use this mighty database to track trends and assist law enforcement when appropriate. The problem is they're running out of storage as the sheer amount of e-mail received is growing exponentially. This well-written article from Wired, with the really ugly Web address, is worth the read. I almost don't mind paying taxes if they're put to this kind of use.

A case for Bluetooth

I can't quite figure out how one would get any use from a briefcase replete with Bluetooth, that short-haul, wireless standard that links together handheld devices, cell phones and the like. After pondering this snazzy-looking case for a while, I can only imagine it's like a hub for your data. Your PDA and cell phone talk to it when in range, and it sort of acts as a roaming backup. The site, flashy and whizzy as it is, isn't that much help on telling you just what it does. No matter, I have to have one of these for the nerd factor alone. It'll be a hard sell to She Who Must Be Obeyed. But I shall prevail.