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Paltry turnout, poor attitude hurt parade

Editor: On Nov. 9 we participated in the city of Brooksville Veterans Day Parade. I and others asked, "Where are the people?"

There were more people in the parade than there were watching it. What happened to patriotism? Is it going to take another 9/11 to stir people? I hope not.

The few people who did show up, with a few exceptions, do not know how to salute the flag. They stood there with their hands in their pockets, arms folded, really not paying any attention to the parade.

I want to thank Anna Liisa Covell, Chief Ed Tincher of the Brooksville Police Department and Del Gibson, commander of American Legion Post 99, for putting this parade together. They did a great job.

John McMillan, president

Korean War Veterans Assn.

Chapter 174

Spring Hill

End of teacher pay battle

brings a bitter result for union

Editor: So, the teachers have lost their battle of attrition with school district negotiators concerning pay raises. Wasn't the 5.3 percent pay raise what the district had offered our teachers all along? How can the teachers' union look their members in their faces and feel good about this slap-in-the-face pay raise?

Superintendent Wendy Tellone will be clicking her heels that she has managed to bend the will of our poorly paid teachers and make them accept her pitiful handout. I hope she will not expect a pat on the back for widening the already cavernous divide between teachers and administrators.

Chuck Zimoski, Spring Hill

Commissioner Kingsley served

community honestly and well

Editor: Re: Saying goodbye brings tear to commissioner's eye, Nov. 13, Times:

I was pleased to read this article, which highlighted the positive character of Chris Kingsley, as well as other political leaders.

I am sorry to see Kingsley leave the County Commission.

I have known Kingsley for several years and regard him as a person of integrity and conviction, with a relentless commitment to strengthening all aspects of our community. He has served our community well.

He has paid the price for sticking to his own convictions and principles. Good soldiers live and die by the sword. Kingsley was never one to dodge a tough issue.

You could always count on him to take a stand and be engaged in challenging issues. You have to admire him for that, regardless of whether you agreed with him.

Not to take anything away from Robert Schenck, because his story is yet to be written, but I believe Kingsley can hold his head high for his service to our community while in public office.

Mark Barry, Spring Hill

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