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Honoring Citrus Reads members new, old

In the Old Courthouse top floor courtroom, bursting with the pride and enthusiasm of relatives and friends, the graduates and inductees were recognized at the 5th AmeriCorps Citrus Reads ceremony Friday . Thirty-five AmeriCorps members graduated and 42 (some of whom were returning for a second year after graduating from one year) were sworn in for the 2002-2003 school year.

The ceremony included remarks by superintendent of schools David Hickey, AmeriCorps coordinator, Dana Magill, Citrus County School District community relations specialist, Pat Lancaster, Citrus County Judge Patricia Thomas, School Board chairperson Pat Deutschman and the executive director of Volunteer Florida, Florida Commission on Community Service, Fred Sanguiliano.

AmeriCorps Citrus Reads members provide one-on-one or small group tutoring in sessions ranging from 20-45 minutes each week during the 10-month service. The program, considered a domestic Peace Corps, provides members with stipends and the promise of an education award of after serving the required 1,700 hours of service.

The education award can be used for post-secondary schooling _ college, graduate school, vocational school _ or to help pay education loans. It must be used within seven years.

Funding for the program comes from local schools and businesses in a partnership with funds coming from Volunteer Florida.

The newest graduates are: Shonda Banda, Citrus Springs Middle School; Denise Barber, Floral City Elementary School; Barbara Bradway, Inverness Middle School; Chelbe Camp, Citrus Springs Elementary School; Michelle Candrilli, Hernando Elementary School; Gillian Carl, Crystal River Primary School; Carolyn Casali, CRPS; Tonia Chandler, IMS; Eleanor Chatfield, CSES.

Christine Cook, CSES; Donna DeCarlo, Rock Crusher Elementary School; Helena Delgado, Pleasant Grove Elementary School; Brynn Dombroski, CSMS; Mark Foley, FCE; Jeremiah Hayes, RCES; Kathy Hite, Forest Ridge Elementary School; Donna Kamb, Lecanto Middle School; Linda Krall, IMS; Kevin Langley, Lecanto Primary School.

Karen McKinley, Hernando Elementary School; Lynette O'Neal, Homosassa Elementary School; Maureen O'Rourke, Pleasant Grove Elementary School; Harue Palmore, LPS; Sonna Reinheimer, FRES; Lori Rodenbach, Inverness Primary School; Diane Schoonover, LMS; Brenda Schwoyer, LPS; Kathy Smith, LMS; Mary Squire, PGE.

Terra Stephens, CSMS, Christine Strongosky, IPS; Jon Terry, FRES; Ruth Thomasunis, Hernando Elementary School; Crystal Tufts-Tamny, RCES; Jo Anna Woody, IPS.

The inductees were: Rosetta Ballar, CRPS; Shonda Banda, CSMS; Michelle Candrilli, Hernando Elementary School; Michelle Carey, FCE; Carolyn Casali, CRPS; Tonia Chandler, IMS; Eleanor Chatfield, CSES; Betsy DaSilva, Crystal River Middle School; Brynn Dombroski, CSMS.

Carol Duerrich, IMS; Vickie Falzone, Hernando Elementary School; Kimberly Fuller, CSMS; Connie Geer, LPS; Holly Hampton, Homosassa Elementary; Pat Howell, CSES; Cristy Ingram, Homosassa Elementary School; Kelley Johnson, Hernando Elementary School; Robin Kartune, FRES; Kelley Lee, RCES.

Susan Massey, CRMS; Carol McHale, IMS; Angela Miller, FRES; Margaret Mitchell, LMS; LeeAnn Moon, CSES; Debbie Moran, LMS; Nicole Negron, IPS; Maureen O'Rourke, PGE; Harue Palmore, LPS; Lois Raplee, CRMS.

Lori Rodenbach, IPS; Jolena Sanders, RCES; Maria Santero, PGE; Elizabeth Schwalje, IPS; Brenda Schwoyer, LPS; Kathy Smith, LMS; Marybert McKinney Smith, FRES; Meghan Smith, PGE; Jennifer Sosnicki, FCE.

Patti Strawder, RCES; Crystal Tufts-Tamny, FCE; Michael Woodhead, CRPS; Vicky Woodhead, Homosassa Elementary School.

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