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Published Sep. 4, 2005

Why did the school district mail out a letter?

The letter, mailed to almost 104,000 current students, serves three purposes. For students who chose to stay on a zoned school track through grandfathering, the letter confirms that. If a student applied for a new school, the letter confirms the five choices in order and explains that the student will find out the school assignment in January. Finally, the letter also reminds families who have not made a choice that they must by Dec. 13.

What do I do if I don't get a letter?

Call one of the Family Education and Information Centers (552-1595 in St. Petersburg or 298-2858 in Clearwater). But wait until Monday or Tuesday. The letters are being mailed in batches, so some families might not hear from the school district until early next week. The centers are closed for Thanksgiving on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

What do I do if the information in the letter is wrong or I want to make changes?

Call one of the family centers by Dec. 13.

I accepted a spot in a magnet program or fundamental school, but my letter doesn't reflect that. Why?

The deadline for accepting a magnet, fundamental or career academy was Wednesday, so that information is still being compiled. Meanwhile, the letter was generated on Nov. 15. So, don't panic. As long as you accepted your magnet or fundamental invitation on time, that spot is secured despite what the letter says.

I will be new to the school district next year. Will I get a letter confirming the paperwork I have filled out?

No. Once you fill out an application, you should receive a receipt in the mail confirming what you have chosen. If you don't, you can call the family center to make sure your application is correct and complete. The next time you will hear from the district is in January, when you will find out where your child will attend school next fall.

If a school already has lots of students through grandfathering, will that school have room for new students?

It's hard to say. For one thing, the deadline for submitting an application is Dec. 13, and there could be students who are eligible for grandfathering but have not yet submitted an application. Also, the district's numbers do not break down the population by race or grade level. But in general, a school that is almost to capacity with just grandfathered students won't have a ton of leftover room.

I know my child is grandfathered in her current school for 2003-2004. But will the letter tell me if I have extended grandfathering to her next zoned school?

No. This letter only deals with next year.