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Speak up for animals and help end abuse

Re: Flea market pups lived in squalor, story, Nov. 12.

Dog lovers, unite! We must join together and stop this abuse of animals. I'm talking about the owner of the 21 puppies that were found living in squalor at the Oldsmar Flea Market, where the owner abused them and left them without food or water, the basics of life.

Please join with me in writing Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney Bernie McCabe and begging him to prosecute this person for her actions _ 21 counts of animal crueltyand this is not the first time. Pinellas County must act.

Also, we must help the Humane Society of North Pinellas obtain legal custody of these animals so they can be helped and placed in loving homes. The Humane Society cannot do this without legal action.

All these animals want from us is food and water and a pat on the head _ of which they had none.

We must speak up for these dogs. They have no other voice but ours.

Meredith Brown, Palm Harbor

A showdown of rights

When attending the Veterans Day memorial service on Nov. 11 at Largo Central Park, I experienced an unexpected emotion. In the back of the crowd was a man with a sign protesting the service and its meaning. While he was within his rights to do this, I must admit that as a veteran of the Vietnam War, I felt a deep sense of frustration that this man would show such disrespect for all the veterans who were there.

The unsung hero of this story, however, was the woman who walked right up to this protester, stood not more than 2 feet in front of him, face to face, and refused to leave. She stood there and faced off with this man for what appeared to be almost a half-hour, not saying a word, until he got so frustrated that he left. She also was within her rights.

Only in America can you experience such extreme examples of the rights that we are fortunate to have, and only in America can two such opposite people openly express what they believe in without fear of recrimination. God bless our veterans and God bless America.

Tom Robbins, Largo

Voters saw true colors

Re: Will officials find courage so others can find housing?, Diane Steinle column, Nov. 10.

It wasn't "courage" that caused the defeat of Hernando County Commissioner Chris Kingsley.

Here are some quotes about the defeated incumbent that appeared in the Hernando Times ("Attitude problem' leads to downfall, story, Nov. 7) after the election: "had a reputation for arrogance," "alienated voters," "There was an attitude problem," ". . . carries himself a bit above everybody else," "He talks down to people," "reputation for being haughty and inflexible," "a perception that he is aloof," "He upset a lot of people," "We should support people who support us, not people who ignore us."

Voters here, like in Hernando, don't like to be bulldozed by politicians. That's not true leadership, and the politician who confuses arrogance with courage is not likely to be remembered kindly by voters on Election Day.

Martin Shelby, Largo city commissioner

Your voice counts

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