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Published Sep. 4, 2005

The Student Services Department of the Hernando school district offers several programs. For information on any of the programs, call 797-7008.

SOCIAL WORKERS: Four social workers are available to elementary and middle school students and their families to help work through difficulties that might affect students' performance. Referrals are made by the school staff.

STUDENT TESTING: Seven psychologists are available to perform academic and psychological evaluations for students who might need special programs. Referrals are initiated by the school staff based on student performance.

SUBSTANCE ABUSE EDUCATION: Two counselors are available to provide counseling and education at the request of a parent, student or staff member.

GUIDANCE COUNSELING: Guidance counselors are available at each school. Most elementary schools have two, and each middle and high school has one counselor for each grade.

TEEN PARENTING PROGRAM: Through the teen parenting program at Hernando High School, students who become pregnant before they finish high school can continue their education. Onsite day care is available for children up to age 2.

BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS: Five certified behavior analysts can develop programs to reduce behavior that is inappropriate for school. The programs are tailored to each student's individual needs.

PARENTING PROGRAMS: A variety of parent programs will be offered _ ranging from effective parenting to improving listening skills. Call Student Services for details on times and locations.

TOBACCO CESSATION and ANGER MANAGEMENT: Call Anna Welshoff at Student Services, 797-7008, for information.