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Meeting will focus on city centers

If you have an opinion on building heights downtown, especially in light of new and planned condominiums there, you can have your say at a meeting Monday night.

The latest in a series of meetings about land development rules is 7 p.m. at the Bayfront Center's Sun Pavilion Room, 400 First St. S.

The topic is city centers _ which include the downtown, Tyrone and Gateway.

Among the issues are design, parking and mixed-use buildings. Those who attend will have a chance to raise other concerns relating to the future of places where people work, live, shop and seek entertainment.

Also to be discussed are differences among the three centers: for example, how the downtown is pedestrian-friendly but the other centers are not because of large parking areas, sprawling development patterns and many single-use buildings.

Mark White, a consultant to city planners, will outline the issues to open the meeting. Those attending then will break into smaller groups for detailed discussion.

The session is part of a process leading to an overhaul of the city's development rules. Officials consider it a major project because it will help determine how the city looks a generation from now.