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FoxServ error not uncommon, corrected in newer version

Q. I am trying to install a program package with Apache, PHP and MySql. I have tried two different programs and cannot complete the installation. One program, FoxServ, gave me this message: "Component Richtx32.ocx or one of its dependencies not correctly registered. A file is missing or invalid." Can you give me an idea of where to go with this?

A. Richtx32.ocx is the Microsoft Rich TextBox Control. Most likely the FoxServ application is looking for a newer or different version from what you have on your system. This control is usually included as part of the installation of most developer-oriented Microsoft applications (Office Developer, Visual Basic, Visual Interdev, etc.). I'm not that familiar with the FoxServ product, but from what I could find at the FoxServ forum (, others have had this same problem and according to some a newer version corrects it.

Setting up an invoice form

Q. I created an invoice form using Corel Print Office, but have been writing all the necessary info by hand (such as customer name and address, job description, cost). I would like to do this using the computer to create an invoice that looks more professional. I am not sure how I would do this using Corel, or if it can be done. I thought perhaps I need to export the invoice to another program, but can't seem to figure out how this is done. Can I use Microsoft Word?

A. There are a number of ways you can do this. I am not familiar with Corel Print Office, but I'm sure the invoice you create can be edited to include the information you want as part of the document.

Rather than Microsoft Word, I would use Microsoft Excel, which has a pretty good Sales Invoice template (General Templates, Spreadsheet Solutions) in which you could create, modify and enter your invoice related data.

There are many other solutions, including databases and mail merge functions using a combination of Microsoft Access, Excel and Word, but these start to get very complicated for the normal home user. In your case, the Excel sales invoice template should fit your needs.

Bar none? Try this

Q. I have no idea what I did, but I messed up my tool and task bars. I no longer have an address box to type in Web sites, and the bottom bar is locked but fades away. Please help me restore both.

A. On the Internet Explorer menu bar, click View, then Toolbars. Make sure the Address Bar option has a check next to it (if not, click it to turn it on). If you still can't find the Address Bar, make sure the Lock Toolbar option is not on. You'll find this setting in the same place: View, Toolbars.

With your mouse, move over different areas of the Toolbar looking for separators (they look like upright bars and your mouse will change to a bi-directional horizontal arrow when held over it), click and drag to expand the toolbar section to see if that is where the Address toolbar may be.

Once you get the toolbar set the way you like, turn on the Toolbar lock (View, Toolbars). This will prevent inadvertent mouse clicks or drags messing them up.

Now for your task bar, click Start, Settings, Taskbar and Start menu. Make sure the Auto Hide option is not selected.

A monitor's last days

Q. I am getting horizontal gray lines or ribbons of gray across the screen. My computer is an HP Pavilion 8670 about 3 years old, with Windows 98 Second Edition and Internet Explorer, my server is Peoplepc. I have kept up with Microsoft Windows updates. I ran disc defragmenter and McAfee Quick Clean. What's wrong?

A. Sounds as if the monitor may be going. Boot into Safe Mode (reboot while holding the Ctrl key and choose Safe Mode). This will eliminate any inadvertent driver change or update. Make sure there are no electrical appliances near the monitor and try a different wall outlet.

If the PC has recently been opened, the video card may have been nudged. If you are comfortable doing this, turn off and unplug the PC, open its case and reseat the video card to make sure it is making proper contact. If possible, you also can try plugging the monitor into a PC that you know is working to eliminate any specific problem with your PC.

If none of the above corrects the situation, your monitor's useful life is nearing its end.