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Great Failures of the Extremely Successful

Author: Steve Young

Publisher: Tallfellow Press

Price: $24.95

Author Steve Young contends that failure is necessary for success.

He backs up that claim with anecdotes about successful people who encountered failure. Some of those profiled in Young's book include pro basketball player Bill Walton; paralympic champion Jamie Goldman; Dr. French Anderson, the father of gene therapy; and comedian-director Robert Townsend.

The stories are spiced up with funny quips and interesting facts (for instance, Richard Bach was rejected 26 times before his book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, was accepted).

Young's book is good medicine for people down in the dumps about their lack of success.

Rupert Murdoch

Author: Neil Chenowith

Publisher: Crown Business

Price: $27.50

Rupert Murdoch, Australian billionaire and head of News Corp. and Fox Network, is familiar to many Americans, but why is he so successful?

Australian investigative reporter Neil Chenowith had previous experience with Murdoch, having written a scathing magazine article in 1990 that triggered a government inquiry into Murdoch's family.

Chenowith seems to have looked under every rock to reveal the most intimate details of Murdoch's life. This book is an unauthorized biography, and it's not hard to see why _ no one would subject themselves to the intense scrutiny and unflattering details that Chenowith exposes.

Some the stories he tells are about the cocktail party that saved Murdoch's empire, how a drink set off a feud with Ted Turner, how an international fugitive became Murdoch's keeper of secrets and other riveting anecdotes that paint Murdoch as a brilliant and ruthless man.

Those who like their biographies on the juicy side will find this one enthralling.

The Mind of Wall Street

Author: Leon Levy, with Eugene Linden

Publisher: Public Affairs

Price: $26

In this book, Leon Levy presents his take on "the mysteries of the market."

Levy ought to understand those mysteries more than most. He's well-known in investment circles as the founder of Oppenheimer Mutual Funds, and he began his career on Wall Street in 1948.

Levy skillfully blends personal reminiscences with cogent financial analysis, building a foundation for those who may be intimidated by Wall Street.

He has watched the market in many moods, from the frenetic, fast-paced days in the 1960s to the general malaise of the '70s and the big pop of the Internet bubble in the '90s.

The author observes with a keen eye, and he shares his theories with readers.

A bonus: The Mind of Wall Street is enjoyable just for Levy's descriptions of a variety of people he worked with over the years.


Author: Dan Carrison

Publisher: Amacom Books

Price: $24.95

Deadline! is about companies and individuals who raced the gun to pull out remarkable achievements. Business writer Dan Carrison conducted in-depth interviews to determine the strategies behind the accomplishments.

The stories include Turner Construction Co.'s feat of completing a National Football League stadium for the Denver Broncos under budget and ahead of time and Boeing Co.'s design and completion of the 777 wide-body jet under great pressure.

The author shows readers how to hone their deadline techniques, emphasizing how to stay calm, cool and in the driver's seat in the face of even the most daunting deadline.

_ STEVE POWERS, Dallas Morning News