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POLYGAMY BY AMERICA: Fox's latest reality show embarrassment isn't the network's fault. The families and friends of the pathetic husband- and wife-hunters on Married by America should have been smart enough to ask the potential mates if they were currently married.

A pre-existing husband is the hitch in Denise L.'s quest to marry Stephen on the show, in which the hunters will be matched tonight by a viewer phone vote with mates they have never seen.

Friends and family narrowed the pool of candidates for each hunter by asking them questions. Though Denise's marital status never came up, everyone did learn that her mother kicked her out of the house when she was 16 and that she considers posing for Playboy's Sweethearts of Rodeo layout one of her proudest accomplishments.

She was outed by a woman who identified herself as Denise's sister-in-law Karen in a call to a San Diego radio station.

Fox tells E! Online that the producers didn't know Denise was married and the situation will be dealt with on tonight's episode.

AMERICA'S WAISTLAND: The Haggar clothing people have been so excited about their "stellar" holiday sales that they've just now gotten around to mailing news releases about them. They credit their happiness to higher-than-expected sales of one piece of clothing: comfort fit waist pants, which have a hidden waistband that expands with the stomach area.

GIVE 'EM THE OLD RAZZLE DAZZLE: Put your money on Catherine Zeta-Jones for the best supporting actress Oscar. Husband Michael Douglas is leading her PR campaign to the extent that he spent almost $20,000 for an ad in Variety to congratulate her on her "hard work" in Chicago.

Douglas also is going for the "isn't that adorable" vote by putting their 2-year-old son Dylan's name on the ad with his. He showed some restraint, however, by not including their second child, due in a month or so.

IF LOOKS COULD KILL: Britney Spears' rep is denying a New York Daily News report that she has been hanging out in Los Angeles clubs with three body doubles for security reasons. We think Spears missed a great opportunity here. She should admit it, go back to denying having had a fling with Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst and then torture Durst for spending weeks publicly describing the fling's gory details by saying that her body doubles have fooled a lot of people . . .

THE LATEST CONFIRMATION THAT NOTHING IS FOREVER: Angelina Jolie is undergoing a series of laser surgery treatments to have her "Billy Bob Forever" tattoo removed. This accompanies the removal of Billy Bob Thornton as her husband, a process that started last year. "I have moved on. That's why it's going," Jolie says in an report.

No word on what happened to the vial of Thornton's blood she wore around her neck.