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Wal-Mart will only increase traffic woes

Editor: A letter writer made an excellent point about the dangerous traffic existing on U.S. 19 before Wal-Mart. I am in complete agreement. However, the point is Wal-Mart Supercenter adds an estimated 5,000 cars per day to this pre-existing traffic disaster.

They are trying to build three new supercenters on U.S. 19 in Hudson, Holiday, and Palm Harbor (Pinellas County). Before the county considers this, the pre-existing traffic disaster should be resolved first. Have you ever tried going north on U.S. 19 past Grand Boulevard and then through Ridge Road between 4 and 7 p.m.?

Residents in Westwood and Gulf Trace do not want the additional danger on U.S. 19 in our neighborhoods or the inconveniences the store will impose on us. If you live at a residence and just found out a supercenter is opening up in your yard, how would you feel knowing your quality of life has just declined? Now you are living with its noise, pollution, 24-hour glare from lights, added traffic and loud delivery trucks all hours and litter on your property from their customers.

Another concern . . . is the sheriff's department. How will they be able to handle the petty shoplifting calls and calls from residents with real emergencies?

Krista Dollar, Holiday

Floridians voted without thinking about costs

Re: Governor's strategy reveals leadership void, March 7 C.T. Bowen column.

Editor: Those are some of the most illogical points I have ever heard. The people of Florida did vote for those two ballot issues without thinking of the costs.

Hmmm, smaller class sizes means that there would have to be more classrooms. But wait, every school in Florida already has numerous portable classrooms sitting on what used to be a parking lot. Oh, well, smaller class sizes sounds good.

A high-speed bullet train, that would be cool. This is a decision for a company with extensive research into how many commuters travel the proposed route, how many would use a bullet train, etc. Not Everyday Joe standing in a ballot box.

Use your brains, people.

Brian Schulte

Congresswoman should

host meeting in Spring Hill

Re: Brown-Waite continues to be a model legislator, March 7 letter

Editor: The letter complimenting U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite for her "accessibility to constituents," as seen in her recent "open forums" throughout the 5th Congressional District, apparently only applies to the writer's hometown of Inverness, and to Dade City residents, but not to those in Hernando County.

Citrus and Pasco counties were provided midafternoon meetings in the middle of large population centers to meet with the congresswoman.

However, Brown-Waite's appearance in Hernando County was a last-minute, late-night, weekday evening event held in the ghost-like empty town of Brooksville, in its less familiar City Council chambers.

Brown-Waite should have called for a town hall meeting in the heart of her congressional district's population _ Spring Hill _ and scheduled it at a decent hour and in a familiar and more accessible location, so that her many senior constituents could attend.

It appears the congresswoman avoided planning any town meeting, except a Saturday dinner with her political party, in the town where most of the local anti-Iraq war demonstrations are occurring. Could there be a relationship here?

If (letter writer David I.) Monier thinks the congresswoman is being "so loyal to her constituents," then maybe he could put a good word in for us in Hernando County. We have recently requested the congresswoman to hold a public forum in Spring Hill about the impending war in Iraq. In this way, citizens can more easily voice their concerns, opposition or support of the war. Plus, they also can hear of her explanation as to why she supports the war.

This type of event, a town hall meeting, was televised on C-SPAN last week with Republican Congressman Christopher Shay and the residents of his district in Connecticut. If one of Brown-Waite's colleagues from her political party can do it, why can't she?

Brian P. Moore, Spring Hill

Restaurant critic wrong:

Cabaret food is great

Re: Review of Angel Cabaret Theater.

Editor: Will someone at the Times please relieve Barbara Fredricksen of all restaurant critic duties. Please leave the restaurant stories to Chris Sherman, who knows fine food. Barbara does a fine job writing and reviewing shows. Just end it there. It is a disgrace that Barbara would suggest that patrons attending the Angel Cabaret Theatre's latest production of Driving Miss Daisy skip the meal and order the show-only tickets.

I have read Barbara's articles over the years raving over the food at area restaurants that were known to be downright awful. Most of the restaurants she raves about usually go out of business due to their awful cuisine.

My husband and I, along with his sister, brother-in law, one of my office associates and 18 members of the Red Hat Society - Tampa Bay Foxy Ladies, Palm Harbor Chapter, were at Angel Cabaret Theater recently for Driving Miss Daisy.

The food was enjoyed by all. My husband went out of his way to compliment Jimmy Ferraro and told him that he felt the food was getting better and better. Jimmy explained all of his past caterers were good, but it was hard for them to keep up with the volume of the crowds. He had just hired Five Star-Deli and Catering and this was their first weekend.

Hopefully, Barbara will reconsider what she had to say, take someone with her who knows food and rescind her negative statements.

Carol and Bob Kemp, Holiday