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Man charged in paintball attack

A man who allegedly kicked in a door and began shooting at people inside a house with a paintball gun faces numerous charges.

Frank Alton Wilson, 33, of 8610 E Beacon Court was arrested after one of three victims of the attack identified him as the intruder.

Wilson is accused of bursting into the Inverness home of Ryan Craig, 38, and Benjamin Smith, 22, on Saturday night, shooting at the three men inside with a paintball gun and punching one of the men, an arrest report said. The third man in the home was Kerry Richardson, 40, of Inverness.

No one was hit, though at least two paintballs were fired at Craig and Smith, and the men said the shots missed by only a few inches, the report said. Craig told a Citrus County sheriff's deputy that he had been punched in the head. Smith struggled with the attacker and was struck in the hand with the paintball gun.

Craig later told the deputy that he owed Wilson some money, the report said.

The deputy found Wilson at his home on Beacon Court at 11:59 p.m. and drove him back to the Inverness home where the attack took place. Smith then identified him as the attacker while Wilson sat in the back seat of the deputy's cruiser.

Wilson denied being involved in the incident, according to the report.

Wilson was charged with burglary with assault, aggravated assault, aggravated battery and battery. His bail was originally set at $40,500, but he was released on his own recognizance Sunday, according to a spokesperson at the Citrus County jail.

In other police news:

+ A boy riding a bicycle was struck by a car Saturday afternoon. Andrew Richard Hollica, 12, of 21 N Barbour St., Beverly Hills, was riding about 2:42 p.m. on County Road 490 (also called W Yulee Drive) and Bluebird Springs Lane when he was struck head-on by a car traveling eastbound, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

Andrew landed on the hood of the car driven by Ruth S. Garvick of 18 S Masters Drive, Sugarmill Woods, and then landed on the roadway. The highway patrol report states that Andrew was injured and taken to Tampa General Hospital. A hospital spokesman, however, said records did not indicate that a person by that name had been admitted to the hospital. No charges were filed.