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WILL WORK FOR FOOD AND A PAYCHECK: Finally, declarations of love we believe from Joe Millionaire Evan Marriott and Bachelorette Trista Rehn: They will wax poetic over KFC's new Honey BBQ Boneless Wings in TV commercials that begin airing Monday.

The ads also will feature KFC pitchman Jason Alexander, continuing his best TV gig since Seinfeld. Alexander's part is to include comic commentary about Marriott's and Rehn's previous TV experiences, a KFC press release says.

The wings will be around for a limited time, KFC says, giving them something in common with Marriott's and Rehn's TV shelf lives.

MAYBE BRITNEY WAS SEDUCED BY HIS VOCABULARY: It's been a bad few weeks for Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst. Not only did he take much grief for his fling with Britney Spears and his "here's what happened" tour, he was the object of international ridicule for an antiwar statement he made at last month's Grammys.

"I just really hope we're all in agreeance that this war should go away as soon as possible," Durst said.

The outcry wasn't about his political views, however. It was that "agreeance" was not a word, leading Durst to be called, among other things, "illiterate" and "Fred Dunce."

But at least one person appreciates Durst's intellect.

The North American editor of the Oxford English Dictionary tells the New York Observer that "agreeance" is a word _ an obsolete word, but a word nonetheless.

"It's in the OED," editor Jesse Sheindler says in a report relayed by Reuters. "He did use it correctly."

ATTENTION, "ONCE AND AGAIN" FANS: If you're still swooning over the canceled TV show's hunky, sensitive dad, Rick Sammler, and/or his portrayer, Billy Campbell, we direct you to a TV movie Campbell stars in March 21 on the USA Network. He plays serial killer Ted Bundy.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Has NBC run a promo for ER in the last three years that hasn't said the episode of the week will change the ER forever?