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With pride, I choose to live in county

Re: Cities, county are defining selves, letter,

Feb. 2.

The letter writer's comments are an example of opinions based on ignorance of the facts of annexation as it is practiced by a few of the cities of Pinellas County.

Yes, cities in Pinellas County are defining themselves, but a few of them are defining themselves as selfish, unethical spoilsports that are acting like pigs at the trough at the expense of their "parent," the county.

If cherry-picking the valuable properties out of the county by using monetary incentives, withholding services and waiving fees as conditions of voluntary and referendum annexation are signs of a maturing city, then we are all in for a tough future.

Belonging to a city may give some people a warm, fuzzy feeling and that's fine with me, but people ought to understand that having a viable unincorporated area offers Pinellas County residents an additional option to those who don't feel they need another layer of government or distrust the pettiness that can go on in city government.

It is the letter writer's opinion that cities possess some kind of exclusive ability to provide a community identity, a sense of pride and good place to raise and educate children.

I would suggest he attend a Lealman Community Association meeting and convince the people there that they have no community pride or community identity; for that matter, he could go to Tierra Verde, Palm Harbor or East Lake and expound his revelations on the virtues of belonging to a city to those folks.

Ray Neri, president,

Lealman Community Association, Lealman