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A landmark for Mitchell: first recruit

It's another first for Mitchell football.

The first recruit.

The only center the three-year Mustangs program has ever known, David Broughton, is headed to Division III Cornell College to play the same position, according to Mitchell coach Scott Schmitz.

"They're getting a hard-working team player," the coach said. "He's a kid who puts the team first. He's a kid who works hard, who leads by example. They're just going to get a solid football player and I think in a year or two they're going to have a pretty good center."

Broughton's last two choices came down to Cornell College and Monmouth. But Schmitz said Cornell, located in Mount Vernon, Iowa, came through with the better offer of aid and grant money, thus the two make for a better fit.

"It was just a matter of sending out some letters and sending out some tape," Schmitz said. "We knew David was going to be a Division III player and David's academics are very strong. It was just a matter for some Division III school coming up with a good financial aid package and Cornell did that."

The 6-foot, 225-pound Broughton started all eight games his sophomore season for first-year Mitchell's junior varsity team, which went 6-2. When the school started playing varsity football two years ago, Broughton became the centerpiece of the offensive line for that inaugural 1-9 season.

Then last season, when the 4-6 Mustangs slipped into the playoffs with an at-large berth, Broughton again was a big part of the Wing-T rushing offense that carried the program to a school-record four wins and first postseason appearance.

"He's started every one of our games for three years," Schmitz said. "He's probably taken every snap but one that I can think of."

"And he's the first kid we've had going on to college ball."