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Commissioner grabs attention, wastes commission's time

Published Aug. 31, 2005

Editor: Re: Commissioner's Web proposal voted down, March 12 Times:

I have been accessing the Hernando County Commission's voting records for years, either through the published minutes or, as now, through the minutes as they are printed, verbatim, online. Many of us know the votes from watching the government channel or by reading the paper. It makes so much more sense to see and read what is being talked about rather than a voting record with no discussion or data attached. Then we know why the vote was as it was, as well as how the vote went.

Why would Commissioner Robert Schenck waste the commission's time with a childish, redundant effort like this? This is almost as ridiculous as turning Hernando County into a speed trap like Waldo, his other great idea so far.

Commissioners Nancy Robinson, Mary Aiken and Betty Whitehouse are mature and wise enough to understand the difference between reality and attention-grabbing. But someone should take the pacifier away from Commissioner Schenck.

Lynn Jackson

Spring Hill

Voting record should be on top

Editor: Re: Commissioner's Web proposal voted down, March 12 Times:

Just what exactly do Commissioners Nancy Robinson, Mary Aiken and Betty Whitehouse have to hide by putting their records on the Web site?

Their arguments that what's on the site may conflict with the public record is specious, at best. They either voted yes or no. What's the problem with that? Getting too old you can't remember what you did or why you did it?

If you don't want your voting record on the Web site as a separate entity, then why not take immediate action to ensure your votes are no longer buried in the minutiae of the official record? For each matter voted on by the commissioners there should be one page that lists all the issues for that day and each issue should be hyperlinked to an individual page, which then shows _ up front and on top _ how the vote went, with details following that explain the discussion and rationales.

This is not hard to do. However, I detect an air of underhandedness in this matter, as if our aged commissioners are trying to keep us in the dark.

Vilmar Tavares

Spring Hill

Why the water flow slows in Spring Hill

Editor: Florida Water Services claims it is unable to supply sufficient water to certain areas of the Spring Hill community without additional wells. Why, then, would anyone want to buy it, especially an out-of-towner?

I live in an affected area, and for quite a long time put up with the decreasing water flow. It took more than 15 minutes to get enough water to wash dishes. When the pressure became a mere trickle, I had enough.

I called my plumber, who discovered sufficient water flow, etc., but the water was not getting through to the faucet. The line was plugged. The stoppage was caused by: 1. metal shavings in the lines (undoubtedly caused by many drillings into the lines to make connections for yet more new homes) and 2. a very fine cloth-like fiber film which further clogs the filters, etc.

My thoughtful and professional plumber said he "would feel guilty having to charge for service each time this happens," so he showed me what I could do to help myself. Believe me, this could have been costly as I find I must clean this trash out once a week and sometimes more often, especially those minute fibers which float on top of the water, but quickly plug filters and lines.

I venture to guess the many new homes being built in our area are the cause of this water flow problem and not the need for new and/or additional wells, as requested by Florida Water. Perhaps they also need to blow out their lines and stop telling us to speak with county commissioners as "they are not permitting them to drill more wells." We can begin by taking every possible measure to care for what we have before we pass the blame to others.

To those in my area (Wellington and Seven Hills), you may want to check with your plumber. Your problem may not be supply, but contaminated water.

Christine Doyle

Spring Hill

School Board needs to do homework

Editor: The proposed "neighborhood school" at Deer Street in Spring Hill won't have very many children from the immediate area. A census was taken and only about 50 children live in this immediate area. Some of these children go to St. Teresa Catholic School, and some go to other private schools.

So, how many would be going to this school? If the subject of overcrowding pertains to middle school adolescents, then why not build a magnet school for them away from this deed-restricted residential area?

I applaud Planning and Zoning Commissioner Chairman Nick Nicholson for chastising the School Board members for not doing their homework. They were told to submit a plan for a school built on 20 acres only. They submitted one with the same configuration, only this time added basketball and tennis courts. Why not add an Olympic-sized swimming pool instead?

We have lived in this community for 25 years, and the way we see it is that some of our elected officials just don't care about their constituents. Just for the information of Planning and Zoning Commissioner Al Sevier, 90 percent of us use our cars to go to get our mail.

Evelyn Shipp

Spring Hill

Facts on motorcycle accident ignored

Editor: Re: Motorcyclists should take steps to ride safer, March 5 letter to the editor:

I was outraged to read Wesley Jackson's letter to the editor regarding the motorcycle accident that killed my father-in-law, Joseph LaRocco. Joe was a beautiful man; precious, loved, and so gentle. To state what Mr. Jackson did insults the memory of a man who meant the world to so many people.

You can't always believe what you read in the papers. Have you read the police report? Have you visited the scene of the accident? Did you know my father in-law? Chances are, you answered no to all three questions. If you had read the police report or had done any research into what truly happened, he would not have written the letter.

While Mr. Jackson is allowed to have an opinion, just because it is his does not make it correct. You must have logical support for it. To have that support you would have had to answer yes to one of the previous questions. An opinion without logical support is simply a foolish comment.

How dare he insinuate that this accident was my father-in-law's fault. He had no stop sign. He had only 10-15 feet ahead of him to stop before he hit the truck that ran through a stop sign. And if the truck was paying attention to the road, how could the driver miss a bright-white Honda Goldwing?

Dad was a very cautious rider who has been riding for almost 50 years. Besides visiting his family and friends, riding his bike was his passion. I think Mr. Jackson owes not only our family an apology, but one to Dad as well. If you had known him, you never would have questioned his capability.

Tracy Keenan-LaRocco

West Islip, N.Y.