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Internet chat leads to rendezvous, sex charges

About 7 p.m. Tuesday, a 29-year-old man went to Bicentennial Park expecting to meet a 14-year-old girl he had chatted with on the Internet.

Instead, officials from the Citrus County Sheriff's Office met him.

Joshua Adam Science of 11441 W Priest Lane in Homosassa was arrested later that night on charges of luring a child to engage in sexual activity and transmitting harmful material to a minor, an arrest report showed.

Authorities also have accused Science of having sexual contact with two other teenage girls. In those cases, he was charged with sexual battery and sexual battery while armed, an arrest report said.

Science was being held Wednesday afternoon at the Citrus County jail.

A 16-year-old Homosassa girl told sheriff's Detective Eric Barnhart that she and a friend met Science in January at Neffer's Bowling in Homosassa, a report showed.

Science suggested they hang out at his mother's day care business, the report said. There, the report said, Science turned on a laptop computer for the friend to use, and the girl and Science went to a bathroom.

While fondling the girl, Science held a pocket knife with a blade about 3 inches long, the report showed. The girl told authorities Science did not threaten her with the knife, but she was scared he would hurt her. The girl said she performed oral sex on Science.

The report said Science drove the two girls back to the bowling alley, where the 16-year-old's parents were picking her up.

Science told the detective that the sexual encounter was consensual, the report said. But Science said that, after a few minutes, he felt it was wrong and made the girl stop. Science denied wielding a knife, but said he does carry one at all times.

In late February, a 15-year-old Homosassa girl said she had sex with Science at her house. The girl described Science's body to officials, an arrest report showed.

Science denied having sex with the girl. The report said Science knew the girl's age and said the girl's parents approved of their relationship.

In the Internet case, the girl's mother logged onto a chat room under her daughter's profile at their Crystal River home and received an instant message from Science late Monday or early Tuesday, a report showed.

Under the impression he was chatting with the 14-year-old girl, Science sent a photograph of his penis, the report said. The mother contacted authorities.

Sheriff's Detective Michael Baute arrived at the home at 12:30 a.m. Tuesday and took over the keyboard, pretending to be the girl, the report said. The computer conversation continued to be sexual in nature.

Later, with authorities present, the 14-year-old called Science and made arrangements to meet at Bicentennial Park.

The Sheriff's Office said the girl met Science about a month ago at the same bowling alley, and the computer chat was the first sexual conversation between the two.

A report showed Science told authorities he planned on having the 14-year-old perform oral sex on him after they met at the park.