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Mean tricks in New Port Richey

Published Aug. 31, 2005

Editor: I must comment about the article written by Jan Glidewell regarding impact fees. Anyone who was at the New Port Richey City Council session on March 5 certainly saw the sleight of hand used by our esteemed City Council.

While patting their respective backs for not raising taxes, they went ahead and authorized the expenditure of more money to consultants. What for, you may ask? Fees! Up to, but certainly not limited to, $200 per year per homeowner to offset the Fire Department costs. Approximately $23 a year per homeowner to light the city.

Now the consultants stated that this should reduce the millage rate, but not a word about reduction was used by our City Council. Why? Because they want the extra money to spend on other pet projects. No new taxes? What, may I ask, is $223 per year? Call it whatever you want, fee, assessment, Christmas Club, it will come out of your pocket.

Look at your Pasco County tax bill and at the bottom line add $230. Like what you see? City Council, get some courage. If you need more money to spend, raise taxes, period, then let the voters decide if they care to send you back to office for another term.

In all fairness, City Council member Ginny Miller was the only person to vote "no" on the authorization for the consultants.

William R. Liska, New Port Richey

By all means, bring Wal-Mart to Holiday

Editor: I can't understand why so many are complaining about the new Wal-Mart in Holiday. These same people are probably the ones that don't mind doing their shopping in someone else's back yard. Saying 5,000 more cars will be on the road is nonsense. These cars are already on the road.

I see Wal-Mart in Holiday as a positive. Instead of driving 25 or 30 minutes to Ridge Road, I will be on the road 10 to 15 minutes. This will relieve some of the traffic at Ridge Road.

I am excited about having Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Publix within 3 miles of my home in Holiday.

Ruth Vinson, Holiday

Traffic at Wal-Mart would be nightmare

Re: Proposed Wal-Mart in Holiday.

Editor: Let's do the math. It was announced in a letter to the editor that the Spring Hill Wal-Mart would be servicing about 10,000 autos per day. If the same number of vehicles were to be assumed for the proposed Holiday location, it would average 70,000 autos per week. Assuming that Saturday would be the busiest day, as much as 30 percent of the traffic would be on Saturday, with the busiest hour being 17 percent of that total.

The 70,000 autos per week, with 21,000 autos on a Saturday equates to 3,570 autos in the busy hour. That works out to 60 autos per minute. Assuming 20 feet per vehicle, a line to get into the proposed Wal-Mart would be 1,190 feet long each minute.

Also assuming a one-minute traffic signal cycle for left turns (northbound) and 15 autos per cycle, the peak hour line would grow to 1,300 vehicles, or a 5-mile wait to turn, or 2.5 miles in each direction, assuming an even split.

Suppose these assumptions are wrong by half. It is still a length of 1.25 miles, not counting the existing traffic from Gulf Trace, Key Vista and normal U.S. 19. This would effectively reduce U.S. 19 to a two-lane road with 30 percent of its capacity waiting to access the Wal-Mart with a traffic signal at Gulf Trace Boulevard.

A rational person should quickly figure out that this is not a workable situation.

Bryon Markee, Holiday

Applause for fine young Americans

Editor: On March 9, we attended a performance of the Hudson Middle School Upbeat & Jazz Band at the Beacon Woods Country Club. These fine young Americans, ages 12 to 15, were absolutely outstanding.

Under the excellent directorship of John Keonand Darice Rickles, they received standing ovations from all in attendance.

The program was a tribute to America with songs from the past. It was heartwarming to see these fine, dedicated young ladies and gentlemen put their hearts and souls into this fine performance.

We enthusiastically recommend that you attend one of their performances.

Joe and Barbara Cazzalino, Bayonet Point