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DOLLYWOOD HAS MORE TASTEFUL DECORATIONS: Dolly Parton has the same reaction we did on seeing what she got for winning the Tennessee Arts Commission's Lifetime Achievement Award.

WAS SHE BITING PEOPLE'S EARS?: Taupe wouldn't be our choice for a wall color, but the sight of it doesn't elicit a screaming fit.

This is why we eagerly await the March 22 episode of Trading Spaces. Seeing her walls done over in light brown sends Jessie of Las Vegas into a curse-filled tirade against her neighbors that so impressed the Learning Channel, it sent out a press release promoting it:

"Las Vegas may be the boxing capital of the world, but no one was prepared for THIS bout!" says the release, reported by Netscape's Internet news service.

BATTLEFIELD TAP SHOES: John Travolta is ready to get back into movie musicals now that they're back in favor with Hollywood and not just because he misses those heady years of Tony Manero and Danny Zuko.

He's a little antsy because he turned down the role of Billy Flynn in Chicago three times before it went to Richard Gere. He couldn't comprehend how the stage show could be translated into a movie, he tells TV Guide Online.

Travolta has some ideas about what he'd like to do to make up for that, and we translate them from Hollywoodspeak for you:

"A remake of An American in Paris is what I'd like to do, but people feel like it's too much of a classic." (Translation: No way I'd do this. I would be crucified for even attempting a Gene Kelly role.)

"Maybe take Pal Joey and turn it into a Scorsese-type musical." (Translation: Scorsese shot New York, New York on a soundstage. Make Pal Joey like that on the cheap, and if we hit the market at the right time, money might as well rain on us.)

"Or even Guys and Dolls." (Translation: I will play Sky Masterson in any remake of this movie or end the careers of anyone who keeps this from happening.)