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Dade City won't enter Fox's reality spotlight

Fox television's newest reality show, The Simple Life, won't be coming to town after all.

A producer for the show, Noah Pollack, confirmed in an e-mail from Mexico that production company Bunim/Murray passed on Dade City for the Green Acres style show.

The show, with production planned for this spring, will focus on two celebrity daughters as they adjust to life on a farm, doing chores and earning their own spending money with jobs in a small downtown.

Jewelry store owner David Hevia had offered to provide the jobs and filled out paperwork for the production company but was never interviewed. He said Dade City's loss of the show disappointed him.

"I guess they were looking for these girls to have something that was sloppyish, kind of countryish," Hevia said. "I already was imagining the whole country knowing about Dade City, and people flocking from all over to come and see Dade City."

Variety, the newspaper of show business, has reported the celebrities will be Hilton hotel chain heiress Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, daughter of singer Lionel Richie. The newspaper refers to the two as "society princesses."

Bunim/Murray scouted 25 small towns across the Southeast this winter, looking for a rural town and a farm family willing to house the two women and put them to work, while allowing film crews to tag along for a series of shows on Fox this summer. There was not an outpouring of interest from local families looking to take part.

Bunim/Murray has produced MTV's popular Real World and Fox's Love Cruise.