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What's it worth to name a building?

(ran PS edition)

So you've always wanted to have a building named after you or a loved one, but you never knew how to go about it.

Now the chance is just a click away on eBay.

The Boys & Girls Club of Pasco County is auctioning the naming rights to two of its buildings to raise money for the programs that helped 900 children and teens last year.

They're dubbing it, "A tax writeoff that puts your name in lights."

"We were thinking, "Everyone does fundraisers,' " executive director Carl P. Miller said. "And we asked: What's something that no one does? What assets do we have?"

The bidding started March 3 and runs through the end of the month.

To find it on eBay's vast online auction site (, you'll need this item number: 2311019451.

The top two bidders will get to rename the club's youth center and teen center buildings at 8239 Youth Lane in Port Richey. The youth center was built in 1995, and the teen center opened in 2000.

The facilities offer before- and after-school programs, antidrug and pregnancy prevention programs, and recreational activities.

But don't think having your name on a building comes cheap. The bids must come in at more than $50,000 per building to be considered, Miller said.

"If it doesn't reach $50,000, we're not going to rename the buildings," he said. "We're trying to raise at least $100,000."

The top bid was at $510 on Thursday evening, but Miller expects it to grow.

The club started bidding under a different item number that reached $10,000 but switched to the new item number in order to extend the bidding deadline through March 31, he said.

The club would face a nominal cost to rename the buildings. It would have to order new letterhead, but Miller said the group is running out of stationery and would have to order more anyway.

The group hopes its supporters in the construction industry could also help replace the signs with little cost, he said.

"We just think this is something outside the box, something really unique that people might be able to get behind," he said.

_ Bridget Hall Grumet covers social services in Pasco County. She can be reached at 352-521-5757 ext. 23 or toll-free at 1-800-333-7505, ext. 6108, then 23. Her e-mail address is