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Why not place new public schools where the students are?

Re: Search yields two possible school sites, March 5.

Editor: The article quotes John Long saying, "Every developer out there has told me, "I don't want your high school.' " Someone needs to point out that the requirement for additional schools is probably related to the activities of these developers.

It also would seem logical and economical to put the schools where the students are. The suggested location makes one wonder if somebody is collecting bonus miles on the school buses.

His "promising location" is on State Road 52 behind St. Michael's Church, a location that requires two manned police cars on Sundays and holidays just to direct the traffic to and from the church.

The south entrance to Beacon Woods is a block west (beside Walgreens) so another possibility is that the proposed location is a maneuver flanking Beacon Woods residents from the south for their opposition (based on traffic congestion) to the proposed Wal-Mart center on the west side of their community.

In addition to the Catholic church, this location has the Bethlehem Housing Development and St. Mark's Presbyterian Church. On the north side of the road _ in addition to World Savings and Walgreens _ we have the Prevatt Funeral Home, Bear Creek Nursing Home and Baypoint Village Retirement and Assisted Living facility. One block east is the entrance of the Timber Oaks Senior Community and the next facility east is Amberwood Assisted Living. If the proposed location is to put the schools where they are or will be needed, I suspect someone is placing unrealistic faith in Viagra.

R.H. Procter, Port Richey

Newspaper clearly favors taxes

Re: Tax decision premature, March 9, C.T. Bowen column.

Editor: C.T. Bowen is quick to criticize the Republican Executive Committee, and Bill and Ann Bunting for taking an early stand against the sales tax increase; but it doesn't bother him that the county, School Board and cities are proposing the increase without knowing how much more it will raise, exactly what project they are proposing or how much those projects will cost.

The county, School Board and cities are just saying, "We want money." Yet, Bowen doesn't criticize them.

It's clear, no matter what, the St. Petersburg Times is just pro-tax. It doesn't matter to them what exactly the tax is for, how much money will be raised or whether or not the money is actually needed. The St. Petersburg Times is being hypocritical in its criticism of the GOP and the Buntings.

Ken Casey, Hudson

Speed limit signs are not for decoration

Editor: U.S. 19 is a flat road bed. It doesn't move or wiggle. It has straight lanes, some curves and goes over bypasses. It has many traffic signals, stop signs, left- and right-turn lanes. Speed limits are clearly posted 45 to 50 mph.

The drivers abuse the above. From the right lane across two lanes to the left lane, back and forth, they go. It seems speed limits are out there for them to read, not to be obeyed.

R.S. Purcell, Port Richey

Don't spill French wine; boycott it

Re: People see red over France, and spill wine, March 10.

Editor: I read veterans are very upset with France. I am a manager of a small corporation, and our owner drinks French wines; however, he is boycotting the French wine by not buying it, period.

I was baffled about the article because of the gentleman's buying all the French wines, then going outside and smashing the bottles. I feel that he is defeating his purpose.

He is only supporting France by buying their wines, even if he is smashing the bottles. What we all need to do is not buy their wines at all. I feel this is boycotting.

Wake up, man, and smell the wine.

Carol Sheppard, New Port Richey

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