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Brother of murder suspect arrested

Sheriff's deputies raided at least two homes for drugs Thursday morning and arrested the brother of the man accused of killing sheriff's Lt. Charles "Bo" Harrison.

Samuel Charles Ceazer, 25, of 39244 Cox Road, Lacoochee, faces a charge of possession of marijuana and possession and sale of crack cocaine. Ceazer's brother, Alfredie Steele Jr., awaits trial on a first-degree murder charge. Authorities say he shot Harrison the morning of June 1 as he sat in his patrol car in Lacoochee.

An informer bought $40 worth of crack from Ceazer at his home in late June or early this month, according to a search warrant. Thursday's raid netted only a small amount of marijuana, a scale and small plastic bags.

Ceazer was being held Thursday in the county jail in lieu of $15,750 bail.

During the raid, deputies detained Steele's cousin, Nathaniel Vanzant and others who were at the home. They released all but Ceazer and a juvenile who was not identified.

"They had me handcuffed out there for a few hours," Vanzant said. Vanzant, who grew up with Steele in a home adjacent to the one searched Thursday, tipped investigators that Steele was involved in the shooting, according to sheriff's reports. He was called as a witness at Steele's grand jury hearing.

Vanzant said he shouldn't be held accountable for other people's actions.

"I can't help who I know, who I grew up around or who I'm family with," he said Thursday afternoon. "It seems like every time a situation goes down involving someone that's close to me, they want to wrap my name and involve me in it."

Deputies also searched the car of Steele's sister, Wanda Doctor, as well as other cars on the property, Doctor said.

Doctor, who was not at the home during the raid, but came soon afterward, said deputies broke the lock on her trunk. At a separate raid Thursday on Cummer Road, deputies found a small amount of marijuana and cited a woman, sheriff's spokesman Kevin Doll said. He did not have details.

At a third location, Doll said a search warrant had been executed or an arrest warrant had been served, but he did not know which.