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Flash finds Mitch's masked body in "One Life to Live'

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Walker told a terrified Mitch that no one will believe Mitch's story because everyone believes that he is criminally insane. Lindsay got out of St. Ann's and met Troy on the docks, where the two began to make love. Flash found a body on the docks, which turned out to be Mitch wearing a Mardi Gras-like mask adorned with feathers. Watch for: Walker feeds Blair's suspicions about Dorian. Troy continues to keep Lindsay mentally unstable.

ALL MY CHILDREN: After fitting Mia with a hidden microphone, Aidan and Kendall joined her in setting a trap for Michael. Charges of insider trading against Lena were dropped when Barrett, Michael's accomplice, confessed to framing her. Tad gave Erica the dirt on Mary. Erica was tempted to tell Jack the truth about Greenlee after he said Reggie was like a son to him and he believed that he was destined never to have biological children. Anna stopped David from trying to avenge Leora's death by spiking the punch at the Fourth of July celebration with his drug. Watch for: Michael chooses a new victim. Erica and Kendall agree to make a fresh start.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Carly and Jack found everything they could have hoped for. Lily and Rose were finally out of the well but not out of danger. Alison enraged Gordo. Molly noticed the growing closeness between Mike and Katie. Watch for: Bonnie gets alarming clues to Sarah's past.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: After telling Eric that Thorne fathered Darla's baby, Stephanie asked him to stay and present a united family front. But instead, Eric rushed off to the hospital when Bridget told him that Jackie had been injured in the crash of Massimo's jet. After telling Ridge and Nick that they were half brothers, Massimo put the Marone family ring on Nick's finger. Brooke acknowledged Deacon's plan to be a good father to Hope but warned him that he might not be up to the challenge of fatherhood. Watch for: Ridge and Nick find themselves in competition for Brooke. Macy continues to encourage Deacon.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Bo and Hope were able to wriggle out of their chains before being overcome by the automobile exhaust, and they set out to capture Jesse and his gang. Belle told Shawn that she was determined to protect Philip's secret. Lucas and Cassie arrived at the hotel to consummate their relationship. Rex learned that his and Cassie's biological mother is Kate Roberts, making Lucas his and Cassie's brother. Watch for: Death stalks Tony.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Nikolas was livid when Lucky tipped him off to Lydia's and Stefan's scheme to force Nikolas to marry Lydia. Ric told Elizabeth that he preferred to take Carly's and Sonny's baby from them rather than have one with her. Meanwhile, Jason was sure that Ric knew more about Carly's disappearance than he let on. Alexis fumed as Cameron agreed to take Skye on as a patient. Georgie planted a kiss on a surprised Dillon. Watch for: Zander learns the truth about Emily's cancer. Elizabeth makes a startling discovery.

GUIDING LIGHT: Reva realized that her intuition had failed her. Lizzie created a dangerous situa-

tion for Marina. Cassie and Edmund took their relationship to a new level. Alexandra was concerned that Alan might reveal her deceit. Olivia came to a decision about Phillip. Watch for: Marina plans a romantic outing with Shayne. Lizzie reaches out to encourage Ben.

PASSIONS: Liz taunted Eve with digital photos showing Eve in a passionate kiss with Julian. Eve, unaware that Whitney, Chad, Fox and Theresa were inside, set fire to the Blue Note, hoping to stop Whitney from following the wrong path. Sam and Julian got into T.C.'s shed. Alistair ordered Julian to make sure that Sheridan isn't found. Watch for: Tabitha tells Julian that he's going to be a daddy again.

PORT CHARLES: Caleb and Livvie helped Rafe kill Joshua. Ian and Lucy were delighted when her powers returned. Jamal slipped on Caleb's ring, and as he wished for someone special in his life, Imami came crashing into his apartment. Watch for: A jealous Kevin plots revenge against Ian. Alison senses a change in her feelings for Rafe.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Michael was stunned by Victor's offer of a job with Newman Enterprises. A furious Victoria realized that the man who had identified himself to her as "D" was Damon Porter. Neil persuaded Dru to let him join her business dinner with Damon. Paul told Michael that Chris is missing and then blasted him for insinuating that Lynne and Mary were involved in Isabella's disappearance. Watch for: Neil sees a potential problem with Damon.

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