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Published Sep. 1, 2005

KING FOR A WEEK: And we all thought that Demi Moore was the one using Ashton Kutcher for publicity.

In a head-to-head contest that rivaled the ferociousness of Ruben vs. Clay on American Idol, Kutcher edged Prince William to be voted People's hottest bachelor, says.

Details of the magazine's online vote weren't given, but Kutcher's win was reported to be by a narrow 2 percent.

But William will still end up being the king of England. And Kutcher will still end up being "that guy from that TV show about the 1970s who did that Dude movie and . . . um . . . whatever happened to him?"

NOT ALL THE DIFFERENCES ARE IRRECONCILABLE: It was barely a blip on the gossip radar screen when professional semifamous person Rachel Hunter, 33, filed for divorce from husband Rod Stewart, 58, on June 16. The two split four years ago, and both have publicly behaved like very single people since.

This week, however, the radar screen lit up when news surfaced that Hunter called off the divorce three days later. Neither Hunter nor her attorney had a reason, the Associated Press reported. Stewart's spokesman, Arnold Stiefel, said he didn't know why but the two definitely had not reconciled.

The word from unofficial quarters: Stewart's lawyers told Hunter that under their prenup, a divorce could leave her with no money.

And how much does she need his money? We present two seemingly innocent paragraphs from the AP report:

"Stewart released an album this year entitled It Had to Be You: The Great American Songbook, which was nominated for a Grammy for best traditional pop vocal.

"Hunter recently served as a judge on the ABC competition Are You Hot?"

KEEP THOSE ALL-WHITE DRESSING ROOMS COMING: When Jennifer Lopez dumped her manager last month after five years, among the stories circulating was that she did it to start improving her image. All the superdiva behavior attributed to her over the years actually was instigated by Benny Medina, so the stories went, and Lopez finally realized that she had to do something besides keep singing Jenny from the Block to get people to think that she's just the middle-class girl next door.

We can now debunk those stories of a kinder, gentler Jennifer struggling to get out. Lopez has filed a complaint with California's labor commission saying that Medina did career things for her that he wasn't allowed to do by law and she wants him to repay everything he earned while working for her, plus 10 percent interest.

Medina gave the Associated Press a familiar J.Lo refrain: "This is a real display of lack of gratitude and appreciation for what other people do in the building of a career and at the same time it shows tremendous avarice and greed."