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Suits filed

(Filings for June 23-27, 2003)

Amsouth Bank vs. William Thurston and Unknown Tenants (real property)

David and Maria Fox vs. Design Homes, Sun Development Corporation Contractors, Michael and Lisa Dosie, Suntrust Banks, Central Harbor Homes and Dominic Ruscino (other negligence)

Trend Colour Labs vs. Ron Magro, Renato Magro, Rennie Magro, Diane L. Magro and Diane Lamoureux Magro (other)

Midfirst Bank vs. Debra A. and Kevin P. Crusan, and Unknown Tenants (real property)

Washington Mutual Bank vs. Mary Jill Vertucci, Cynthia Haw Rusher and Unknown Parties in Possession (real property)

Conseco Finance Servicing Corporation vs. Kris Cox, Lamar Advertising of Ocala, Lamar Whiteco Outdoor Corporation, Clifford E. Cromwell and Unknown Tenants (real property)

Mortgage Electronic Registration System vs. Mark J. and Spring L. Sommer, Unknown Parties and Hernando County (real property)

Countrywide Home Loans, Countrywide Funding Corporation and America's Wholesale Lender vs. Thomas A. and Isabel Skiles, and Unknown Tenants (real property)

Frank and Diane Gambardella vs. State Farm Insurance Company (contract and indebtedness)

Douglas Dunn vs. State Farm Florida Insurance Company (contract and indebtedness)

US Bank National Association as Trustee vs. Tracie A. Markunas Galusha, Raymond O. Galusha and Unknown Tenants (real property)

Janie Wiley and Polly Hlavac vs. Southern Equipment Corporation and James Richard Harper (other)

Delbert Swanson Sr. and Gladys H. Swanson vs. Kris Cox as Trustee, Edwin H. Cook as Trustee, T.H. Stone as Trustee, Jeffrey W. Mosser, Tammy S. Hakes, Whiteco Outdoor Advertising, Parkwood Pharmacy, Lamar Advertising of Ocala, Lamar Whiteco Outdoor Corporation and Clifford E. Crowell (real property)

Hernando County vs. City of Brooksville Florida (other)

Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union vs. Kenneth W. Lollie (other)

Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems vs. Jacquie and Anastassi E. Mikhailides, Sioban Margaret Challis, Sioban M. Challis Giesbrecht, Unknown Spouse of Sioban Challis and Unknown Tenants (real property)

Richard Markus vs. Maronda Homes Incorporated of Florida (other negligence)

Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles vs. Blake Richards Lovell Jr., Michael A. Jutz and Paul Clark Enterprises (other)

Susan Marty vs. Hernando Anesthesia Associates and Active Pain Control Center (other negligence)

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and Crossland Mortgage Corporation vs. William O. Wauhkonen and Unknown Spouse, Jesse Knapp, Linda Antel as Trustee, Daniel Knapp and Unknown Spouse, and Unknown Tenants (real property)

Mortgage Electronic Registration System vs. Michael E. Ardt II, Janice L. Ardt, Household Finance Corporation III, Hernando County and Unknown Parties in Possession (real property)

Amanda Metzel and John S. Chiaromonte III vs. Jonathan C. Metzel (other domestic relations)

Sara Jean Freeman vs. Emancipation of a Minor (other domestic relations)

Lila M. Smith vs. Reginald P. White (child support)

Roger J. Crowley vs. Dennis Warne (child support)

Audrey C. Felicelli vs. Melissa A. Driver (child support)

Brenda Lynn Harris vs. Jeremy C. Huling (child support)

Lisa M. Shipp vs. Madellyn M. Lyons (child support)

Hortense Y. Chong vs. Nadia N. Goode (child support)

Susan J. Becker vs. Christine Becker (child support)

Barbara J. Phibbs vs. Michael D. Alleman (child support)

Kristen Y. Walsh vs. Eddie S. Fagin, Jr. (child support)

Antoniette Rice vs. Edwin Leroy Rice (child support)

Thomas M. Harman vs. Ann Harman (child support)

Michelle K. Anderson vs. Jason W. Purdy (child support)

Katherine S. Gregory vs. William A. Gregory (child support)

Mary E. Jackson vs. James A. Lewis (child support)

Tasha N. Williams vs. Mark Cochrane (child support)

Annette L. Diaz vs. Kelvin O. Calo (child support)

Michelle Marseilles vs. Paul Wayne Taylor (child support)

Sharon K. Basham vs. Meloney Murphy (child support)

Pamela J. Vogl vs. Jeffrey M. Vogl (child support

Ann M. Cowdrey vs. Robert E. Lee II (child support)

Angelo P. and Toni L. Hoseclaw vs. Danielle L. Kennard (other domestic relations)

Lisa K. Kell vs. Jeffrey L. Kell (other domestic relations)

Michelle Rene Smith vs. Lester Benton Thompson III (child support)

Janelle A. Sanders vs. Luckie J. Barnes (child support)

Katrina B. Beach vs. Kenneth R. Copeland (child support)

Kimberly Polk vs. David Holmes (child support)

Sharon Hurst vs. Johnnie D. Hurst (child support)

Kathleen M. Jones vs. Candice L. Ownbey (child support)

Jennifer M. Stossel vs. David Coburn (child support)

Jerri Rae Keown vs. Rocky Bob Weaver (child support)

Isabel R. Sanchez vs. Barbara A. Sanchez (child support)

Wanda Yvette Feliciano vs. Jose Alfredo Pabon (child support)

Tami J. Spaid vs. Steven T. Spaid (child support)

Fawn D. Godsey vs. Kenneth A. Jorgensen (child support)

Rebecca A. Fields vs. Jeffrey S. Carter (child support)

Thomas Zarnoch vs. Roberta A. Zarnoch (child support)

Isabel R. Sanchez vs. Jody L. Goodrich (child support)

Ruth A. Nipper vs. Pedro Palacios (child support)

Monica L. Moorman vs. Timothy Moorman (child support)

Natasha A. Richards vs. James Sullivan, Jr. (child support)

Chevaun D. Covaule vs. Kerwin D. Howard (child support)

Wanda D. Williams vs. Tony M. Cook (child support)

Wanda D. Williams vs. Geraldine Williams (child support)

Lavette Jones vs. Earl L. Richards II (child support)


Ruth Maye Hanifin and Kevin Hanifin vs. Vencor Nursing Centers East, Evergreen Woods Health and Rehabilitation Center and Evergreen Woods Health Care Center (other negligence)

Patricia Faucher and Yvon Faucher vs. Columbia Laboratories, Serono Incorporated and Serono Laboratories (products liability)

Z&Z Enterprises and Tows Incorporated vs. Central Power and Lime (contract and indebtedness)

Rubin and Doris Bush vs. Leila Hobaugh and Carl Hedlund (auto negligence)

First Bank National Association as Trustee vs. Angelo P. and Wendy S. Varvaro and Unknwon Tenant Owners (real property)

Josephine Mellendez-Vallejo vs. Luis R. Vallejo (dissolution of marriage)

Kim Sagliocca vs. Michael Sagliocca (dissolution of marriage)

GMAC Mortgage Corporation and Ditech.Com vs. Debra E. Mongioui Koehler and Unknown Spouse, Unknown Tenants and Unknown Parties (real property)

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation vs. Brian and Diane Ludwick (real property)

JP Morgan Chase Bank and Chase Manhattan Bank as Trustee vs. David J. and Kim M. Smith, and Unknown Tenants (real property)

Bank of America and Nationsbank of Florida vs. Grant H. and Emily E. Stiles, John Doe and Jane Doe (real property)

Chase Manhattan Bank vs. Donna J. and Thomas W. Longden, and Unknown Tenants (real property)


Katherine and Robert Larocca vs. Wal-Mart Stores and Jeff Sexton (other negligence)

Eddie and Connie Forehand vs. S&R Transport and Robert Allen Williams (auto negligence)

Galaxy Fireworks vs. Hernando County (other)

Gerald R. Good vs. Levie B. Urich and The Heirs at Law of Levie B. Urich (real property)

Joseph Keene vs. Grubbs Construction Company (auto negligence)

Dissolutions of marriage filed

David N. Holden vs. Michelle Holden

Claudio Alleyne vs. Marina T. Alleyne

Selena Brown vs. Collin Brown

Cheri Corigliano vs. Michael Corigliano

Jennifer A. Schram vs. Thomas A. Schram

Vickie Goyette vs. Roger R. Goyette

Audrey Fusco vs. John Fusco

Joe S. Vanover vs. Pamela D. Vanover

Carlos Martins vs. Isabel Martins

Leslie D. Niedurny vs. Steven W. Niedurny

Deborah Ann Kaczorowski vs. Kenneth Kaczorowski

Joy S. Wirz vs. Richard J. Wirz, Jr.

Kay K. McNaney vs. John B. McNaney, Jr.

Laurie L. Fisher vs. Daniel Paul Sudnik

Jacqueline L. Studer vs. Jonathan M. Studer

Candi L. Fitzgerald vs. John N. Ferreira III

Patricia D. Burbank vs. Eugene L. Burbank

Crystal L. Swart vs. Daniel M. Swart

Sonya M. Kennedy vs. Thomas M. Kennedy

Lisa L. Brown vs. Charles L. Brown

Dissolutions of marriage granted

Sandra Dean Crisson vs. William Richard Crisson

Robert A. Carrese vs. Mary Carrese

Brenda Sue Gause vs. Carl Rhuben Gause III

Lorraine M. Moured vs. Dennis S. Moured

Brian W. Durso vs. Shirley S. D. Durso

Linda J. Evans vs. David R. Evans

Nicole Steen vs. Michael Steen

Marriage license applications

Rebecca Newlyn Frazier and Harold David Gripton, Jr., both of Brooksville

Anita Renee Camus and Derick George O'Neil, both of Brooksville

Kristina Kay Meyer and Michael James Garofano, both of Spring Hill

Gloria Jean Deen and Clifford Raphael Nonn, both of Brooksville

Genevieve Shirley Bowersox and Earl Newton Weaver, both of Spring Hill

Jannelle Lanita Greene of Brooksville and Willie Earl Sparrow, Jr. of Fort Myers

Christina R. Esquilin and Steven Dwayne Abston, Jr., both of Spring Hill

Crystal Lynn Arnold and Phillip Glenn Napier II, both of Brooksville