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Best story focuses on cycling's best

This article (Team Lance, Monday) is the best article on the Tour de France that ever has been written. G-R-E-A-T.

Keep up the good work.

Joe Poston


Shelton conjures up memories of legend

Shades of Red Smith, have we another literate sports writer here, tucked away in our tiny little corner of the world?

Thank you for a most enjoyable morning read, Gary Shelton (U.S. vs. Russia reborn courtside, Monday). As a former athlete, musician, clerk-with-title and now as a retired full-time bum, I read most of the paper, and you've been a bright spot for me repeatedly.

I assume you know of Red Smith, whose comments I used to read in the Chicago Sun-Times. Just yesterday it was, I'm sure.

Thanks again.

Max R. Loick

St. Petersburg

Send some better writers to Wimbledon

Another year, another Wimbledon, another sellout by Florida's Best Newspaper to an old sports writer who can't tell tennis from bocce ball but seems to have a lot of clout with the front office when it comes to choice assignments.

Instead of meaningful and interesting background material, all your readers get is a lot of non sequitur schmooze, to use a polite term. You have proficient tennis reporters, why on earth don't you use them?

Tom Bonnitt


Go to a Rays game and have some fun

My wife and I have tickets for 25 Rays games this year and have attended about the same annually since opening day.

This area is a mixing bowl of fans from around the country, and whether you come to cheer for the Rays or the visiting team, at least come. This is how we will keep the team in our area. The Rays will improve and contend in a couple of years, but you should see the players we have right now busting their butts to win. They just do not give up! The Trop is a very pleasant place to view a game, the employees polite and helpful. It's a very enjoyable outing.

Wayne G. MacDowell

St. Pete Beach

Here's to the Rays getting better players

I'm 92 years old and have been taking the Times since 1952. I felt sorry for Jeremi Gonzalez having to face the Braves on June 27. They have better players on the bench and bullpen than Tampa Bay has.

Did Lou Piniella think he could come in here and make a winning baseball club? You have to have good pitchers. It will take time. He sits there like he can't watch them. You have to cheer them when they do good. All the teams beat them but not by much. I sure hope they get help.

Louise Gillispie

South Pasadena

National pastime or New York's pastime?

Did you notice? The Fox game of the week on June 21 was Yankees vs. Mets. On June 28, it was Yankees vs. Mets. The June 29 game on ESPN was _ surprise, surprise _ Yankees vs. Mets. Yes, sir, MLB is truly our national pastime.

Don Donlon

South Pasadena


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