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FORGET THE HYPE over Wi-Fi and other new wireless technology, Business 2.0 says. "The great engine powering us into the new wireless age is, of all things, the good old cell phone." It says every year a third of cell phone users upgrade to newer models, which presents a big business opportunity. "Companies from General Motors to UPS to Roto-Rooter are already adapting the new technologies in order to sell more and spend less," the magazine says.

BUDGET AIRLINES are revolutionizing air travel with a simple formula for success: Lower operating costs let them offer cheaper tickets and rack up profits. Larger rivals looking to minimize costs are adopting some of the budget airlines' strategies, Business Traveler reports. The magazine outlines what to expect from budget airlines at home and abroad.

WELL-EDUCATED and highly paid workers are finding themselves traveling the same road blue-collar workers took in the late 1980s. Joblessness among white-collar workers has increased faster than their share of the overall job market. Fortune magazine says that's because technology-led productivity gains and overseas competition have caught up with white-collar work after reshaping blue-collar America years ago.

EVEN WITH TODAY'S tight job market, recruiters say a lot of gainfully employed people are looking to work elsewhere. But recruiters caution that the grass isn't always greener, and you won't know exactly what you're getting into to until you worked for a company for a while. So how to decide whether to stay or go? offers 10 tell-tale signs that you've already got a great employer.

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