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PHOTO SPECIFICS: The Photoshop Book for Digital Photographers ($39.99, New Riders, 358 pp) by Scott Kelby, editor in chief of Photoshop User magazine in Oldsmar, gets into the nitty-gritty of dealing with the high-end photo-editing software. Kelby gets specific on how to use the program well, including detailed recommendations for various techniques.

SUMMER READING: Your kids still have a month or so to go on their summer vacations. But there's no reason to let boredom reign. The Education World Web site has compiled a list of summer reading links ( that should be useful for students, parents and teachers.

A WEEK TO GET ORGANIZED: Pamela R. Lessing continues her user-friendly series of books for tech newcomers with The First Week with My New Digital Organizer ($12.95, Capital Books, 241 pp). This one is for people who have a personal digital assistant using the Palm operating system, and it covers everything from the time you open the box to how to use the devices effectively. Previously, Lessing wrote similar how-to books for iMac and PC users.

HALBERSTAM ONLINE: Historian/journalist David Halberstam once again is on the bestseller list, with The Teammates. It's the story of baseball players Ted Williams, Dominic DiMaggio, Johnny Pesky and Bobby Doerr when they were Boston Red Sox teammates in the 1940s. Learn more about Halberstam and his writings online at sites such as resources/trhalberstam.asp,


davidhalberstam.html and


THE BOSS IS WATCHING: Software to monitor what employees are doing on a company's PCs has been around for years. And it has raised questions about privacy and workers' rights. The Naked Employee: How Technology is Compromising Workplace Privacy ($24.95, Amacom, 288 pp) by Frederick S. Lane III explores the techniques used by employers, as well as safeguards employees can take.

Dave Gussow is the Times personal technology editor.