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For 10 days the fishing has been a lot like the weather: constantly changing. When we've made it to at least 120 feet of water, the fishing has been good. The NOAA's forecast of 5- to 10-mph winds with seas of 2 to 3 feet was on the low end, as conditions have been closer to 15-mph winds with seas of 5 feet.

The past several days we have had trouble catching large bait either with sabiki rigs or cast nets near Pass-a-Grille and the shipping channel markers. We have had to move to 100 feet over hard bottom patches to catch bait. The good news is that the ride to the fish is fairly short from that point.

The wrecks in more than 120 feet are holding large fish, including amberjack, barracuda and blacktip sharks. Catching blacktips can provide great memories for many clients, especially youngsters, because the fight and thrill makes for a story they will tell repeatedly. The sharks consume fillets of bonito, which can be caught near shrimp boats in 110 to 125 feet. We have found several good weedlines in 110 to 140 feet that have held dolphin between 5 and 7 pounds. Also, a large wahoo (at least 40 pounds) bit through the wire leader before it could be gaffed. The grouper and snapper have been steady in 110 feet.

The afternoon storm pattern has gotten into full swing in the gulf, with many producing waterspouts. Leave early in the morning and return early in the afternoon to avoid most of the the storms.

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