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Published Sep. 1, 2005

INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO: Mandy Moore got to choose her rear-end double for the romantic comedy she's shooting in Europe.

The double was needed for a skinny-dipping scene.

"There were about 10 pictures that came to me in a little manila folder," she tells "I flipped through them. They were all girls standing facing the wall in bikinis and high heels. So I had to pick one, which was weird.

"I had (my) boyfriend and a couple of other guys look at them. . . . I decided to go with the one I thought looked the most like me from behind."

IF YOU GO FOR A SIX-PACK OF IMPORTED, THAT'S ABOUT $8 AN EPISODE: Chris Noth, who to some of us will always be Det. Mike Logan, never Mr. Big, is at a point where he's not looking fondly on the continuing popularity of the original Law & Order. He doesn't think he's getting paid enough for the nightly multishowings on TNT.

"I feel completely exploited," he tells the Ventura County (Calif.) Star. "We're getting beer money."

AT LEAST SHE DIDN'T POSE FOR A PORN WEB SITE: One of the final 30 contestants in the Canadian version of American Idol was disqualified because she spent 27 months in a U.S. detention center after pleading guilty to a drug charge.

But Tynisha Goddard, 21, of Winnipeg, wasn't disqualified specifically because she has a record. According to the show's production company, she's out because the record means she wouldn't be able to travel to the United States for one of the show's episodes.

"When her visa is approved, Tynisha is welcome to participate in any future Canadian Idol competition," executive producer John Brunton said on the show's Web site.

The producers said Goddard auditioned just days after being released from the detention center.

VIVA LA VIE BOHEME: For once, Vogue has picked a list of mostly Florida-friendly must-have accessories for fall. There are no big fur hats, long scarves or shearling-lined boots. But we're not counting on seeing the Vogue-approved opera-length gloves in lambskin.