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Treasure Island studies blue laws

Published Sep. 1, 2005

(ran Beach edition)

In a show of support for their business community, city commissioners on Tuesday will consider following the lead set recently by St. Petersburg and relax the Sunday blue laws. Treasure Island wants to give its vendors an hour's advantage, allowing them to sell alcohol starting at 10 a.m., compared to St. Petersburg's new 11 a.m. sales time.

"That will give us a little advantage," said Harry Black, president of the Treasure Island Hotel/Motel Hospitality Association.

Currently, beer and wine can be sold on Sundays after 1 p.m., but packaged hard liquor sales are prohibited all day. Commissioners are considering allowing sales of all alcohol beginning at 10 a.m., including packaged liquor.

Commissioners will discuss the issue Tuesday at their meeting at 7 p.m. at City Hall, 120 108th Ave.