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Witness says Knight did not hit anyone

Nation of Islam minister Tony Muhammad said Wednesday that rap mogul Marion "Suge" Knight did not assault a parking lot attendant last month, as parole officials have alleged, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Muhammad said he was an eyewitness to the events of June 21 at a Hollywood nightclub, where Knight allegedly hit a parking lot attendant.

"I saw Mr. Knight enter into the car, never striking anyone," Muhammad said. "You never saw Mr. Knight touch anyone. In fact when he first arrived, he tipped the parking attendant. He gave the guy $100."

Knight's lawyer, Rose Kogeman, said Muhammad is one of eight eyewitnesses who will state that Knight struck no one. Knight is in the county jail and faces up to a year in prison if state officials succeed in revoking his parole.

Producers sue over

"Greek Wedding' profits

Looks like Nia Vardalos has a big fat lawsuit on her hands.

The star of the mega-sleeper hit My Big Fat Greek Wedding and two production companies, including Tom Hanks' Playtone Co., are being sued by the original producers of the film, who say they haven't received their share of the profits.

MPH Entertainment Inc. originally bought the script from Vardalos, who wrote it based on her one-woman show about the cultural clashes that occur when a Greek bride takes a non-Greek husband, for $60,000.

The company says it sold its rights to Playtone for 3 percent of the profits but has received nothing. The suit, which seeks more than $20-million, claims the comedy has grossed more than $600-million. But Gold Circle Films, the suit's third defendant, says the movie has made only $77.3-million.

"Gods Must Be Crazy'

actor dies in Namibia

N!xau, the diminutive African bushman catapulted from the remote sandswept reaches of the Kalahari Desert to international stardom in the film The Gods Must Be Crazy has died, police officials said Saturday.

He was estimated to have been about 59, although he himself said he did not know his exact age.

Police in the remote area of Tsumkwe in the Namibian part of the Kalahari where N!xau lived confirmed his recent death, but did not have any details of how or when he died. His name is a usual transliteration of his tribal language, which uses clicking noises that have no letter in English.

The Gods Must Be Crazy became a worldwide hit and a top grossing foreign film after its release in 1980. Audiences swooned over his portrayal of an earnest bushman with a sheepish smile whose discovery of a Coca-Cola bottle sets off a comedy of errors.

Hip-hop artist released on bail after shooting charge

Hip-hop artist Beanie Sigel posted bail and was released from jail Saturday after he was charged with shooting and injuring a man outside a bar.

Sigel, whose real name is Dwight Grant, surrendered to police Thursday after returning to Philadelphia from a concert where he performed with rapper Jay-Z in Camden, N.J.

Police had been looking for Sigel since Tuesday, when he was accused of shooting Terrence Speller, 26, allegedly over an argument. Speller was hospitalized but is expected to recover, police said.

Sigel's attorney, Fortunato Perri Jr., said his client denied any involvement in the shooting.