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Hail to the guv'na

(ran PC edition)

Joni Cagle, a 43-year-old softball mom who teaches developmentally disabled students at Hunter's Green Elementary School, became Lutz's new guv'na Friday. Cagle won a fundraising contest over rivals Allan Himes and Sondra Guffey. She raised $6,100. Together, the candidates raised $12,000. The money is used to support a variety of community causes. Cagle replaces Brett Montegny, owner of a consignment shop. The naming of a new guv'na caps off Lutz's annual July Fourth celebration, which includes a parade, a barbecue, a cake-baking contest and a pair of foot races.

Guv'na candidate Sondra Guffey, left, Allan Himes and Joni Cagle react as Cagle is named Lutz's new honorary leader.

Outgoing guv'na Brett Montegny holds a copy of Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss on Friday as Cagle takes the oath at the Lutz train depot.