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"Individuals that want to come down can, whether they want to protest or praise the president. All rules apply to everybody the same."

_ Tampa police spokesman Joe Durkin, on the lack of so-called "First Amendment zones" to isolate protesters in designated areas during a visit from the president.

"Pilots refer to good stick and surgeons refer to good hands. David Cahill had both."

_ Tampa surgeon Richard Karl, friend and fellow pilot. Cahill, founder and chairman of the neurosurgery department at USF's College of Medicine, died after the plane he was flying flipped while landing.

"I love just building things. And the stranger, the better I like it."

_ John Rogers, the sculptor from Portland, Ore., who built Great Ball of Pliers, a globe of metal 14 feet in diameter held together by 96 pair of pliers, commemorating Tampa's new Public Works building and costing $60,000.

"We want a serious meeting where we honestly discuss the issues and try to build something that's appropriate for the neighborhood."

_ Jeanne Holton Carufel, president of the Historic Hyde Park Neighborhood Association, on the dispute over whether to let a developer build a 66-unit condominium in Bayshore Boulevard's historic district.