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The game of college life

Published Sep. 1, 2005

Studying isn't the only activity going on at colleges and universities. All students surveyed in 2002 by the Pew Internet & American Life Project say they have played a video, computer or online game, according to Let the Games Begin: Gaming Technology and Entertainment Among College Students, a report issued Sunday by the Pew project.

Gaming is part of everyday life for college students and more of a socializing activity than you may think. Here's a look:

70 percent of the college students surveyed report playing video, computer or online games at least once in a while; 65 percent say they are regular or occasional game players.

60 percent of those who say they play computer and online games are women.

20 percent of students who play games say that gaming helps them make new friends or improve existing friendships.

60 percent of students say gaming helps them pass time when friends are not available.

65 percent say gaming doesn't take away time they could be spending with friends and family.

48 percent say gaming keeps them from studying "some" or "a lot." About 9 percent admit that their main motivation for playing games is to avoid studying.

32 percent have played a game during class.