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2 shootings, 11 dead, many questions

FIVE DEAD IN CALIF.: Police are searching for a vice principal after his wife and children are shot.

Five people, including three children, were found shot to death at a home Tuesday, and police searched for the vice principal of an elementary school as a possible suspect.

The five, including a grandmother and a mother, had been shot repeatedly.

Police were looking for Vincent Brothers, 41, vice principal of Fremont Elementary. Detective Mary DeGeare said he is the estranged husband of one of the women and father of at least two of the children.

"He is a person of interest, a possible suspect," DeGeare said. "We'd like to find him to determine whether he was responsible or eliminate him as a suspect."

DeGeare said the infant was about 2 months old, and the children about 5 or 6. The victims' names were not immediately released.

Police found the bodies after being called to the home by a family friend who had gone to check on the family.